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The Friday Souk* 
Special Travel Deals for Women

Women on the Road

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With travel soon to pick up as we get vaccinated, hotels and B&Bs are doing their best to attract you with deals. Check out these 15% off bargains around the world!

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Yes, you read that right! This company specializes in what are called error fares - when airlines make mistakes, you can benefit! Check out these incredibly low prices.

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Overseas Adventure Travel has some great last-minute deals if you're looking for small group or solo female travel tours.

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As we get ready to travel, those stylish travel bags at Baggallini are getting ready too! A whole bunch of new bags are now up on their Sale page! Click here to find them.

save up to 70% on car rentals! (ongoing)

The world's top car rental agency is also the most price-competitive. Click here to browse or to book a car for your next trip, anywhere in the world.

ear pods on sale 

An alternative to Apple's Airpods — they're XFyro, on sale at 50% off. I've been using them for several months!

35% off teaching english courses

If you're considering taking a TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language - course, then the top-rated school, My TEFL, has a 35% discount for you! Just use the promo code SCRIBE35 to get your discount.


Sometimes, people return things, but they're still new - or almost. What a waste to throw them away! So REI has decided to pick the very best, and resell them. Recycling is cool, I'm all for it - and of course, you get to save.

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There's always something going on there... books, gear, all sorts of helpful travel resources that I dig up for you! Please go have a browse!

PLEASE NOTE: Every effort is made to keep articles up to date but the changing coronavirus situation has made it impossible to provide information about the pandemic or travel restrictions. You'll find updated information from the CDC about travel conditions by country but please check all appropriate sources before you travel as situations can change in minutes. 

* A souq or souk (according to Wikipedia) is a marketplace or commercial quarter in Western Asian, North African and some Horn African cities. And if you've ever visited one, you know how fun they are!

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