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Free Travel Tools for Solo Female Travelers

Here are some free travel resources I’ve created over the years to help solo female travelers pack for a round-the-world trip, keep track of baggage restrictions or avoid single supplements.

Just click the download button under each resource to donwload it for free. 

I do my best to keep each of them up to date so they’ll be as useful to you as possible, but if you find something wrong, don’t hesitate to email me!

You may love solo travel, but every now and again you might crave some  company. If you keep hitting a dead end each time you try to find a travel partner, you need this ebook! It contains links and descriptions of 30 apps, websites, forums and Facebook groups you can use to find the perfect travel buddy.

This easy-to-read table contains a selection of  the world’s most popular airlines and their weight and size restrictions for your carry-on. No more paying exorbitant fees at the ticket counter! Each airline’s name is linked to their website, so you can always double-check before you pack that nothing has changed.

You know how easy it is to overpack, especially when you’re off on a lengthy trip and don't feel you can leave anything behind. This  simple checklist has everything you need to pack for an extended journey. Only traveling for a few weeks rather than months? Just pare down the list and take only what you need.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had unlimited resources and never had to count our pennies? Alas, most of us need to budget a trip before we board the plane. Just download and print this simple form and fill in all your travel plans and estimated costs. Is the total higher than your budget? Erase, and start over!

Housesitting is a perfect way to stay in luxurious accommodations for (mostly!) free when you travel. But first, have your hosts fill out this printable questionnaire so you can uphold your end of the bargain by knowing when to water plants, how to call Fido and uncover the hidden vacuum cleaner. 

Travelling solo means paying extra: It’s wrong, and I hate it, so I compiled this list of companies that don’t usually charge a single supplement if you’re willing to be matched up with a roommate. It’s not ideal (I love my own room, thank you!), but if you’re fed up with the dreaded single supplement, this will help! 

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Planning a trip is often frustrating and confusing - so much to do, so many things to think about. This simple checklist will help you organize all those pesky things you have to take care of before you travel to take with you, and to do once you get to your destination.

Writing and blogging resources

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Passionate about travel and writing? Freelance travel writing is one way to combined the two and earn some money to fund your trip. I wrote my way across Africa and Asia and have been freelancing on and off for several decades. This brief course shows you the way, from concept to pay day.

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Whether you’re writing for publication, your own travel blog or your  journal, sometimes your mind stays blank, the page  empty or you dawdle about what words are right. These writing prompts will make you think and will inspire you, getting  those creative juices flowing!

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If you're traveling, sometimes it's hard to decide what to write about - it was all so much fun, so exciting! This one-page travel journal template will chunk it down for you and ask a few basic questions to help you focus your thinking - because sometimes, we forget even the basics!

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