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This entire website should NOT be necessary.

Solo female travelers should not need to take special precautions, travel with greater awareness or behave in certain ways just because we are women. But sadly, the world is a less than perfect place, and we do have to be aware of those differences. I won’t let them stop me from traveling on my own, and I trust you won’t either.

I’d like to welcome you to Women on the Road, where I encourage women to travel…

  • smart: with intelligent travel planning tools, creative tactics for spending less, and  advice on making money to fund your travels
  • safe: with essential information to help you stay safe and deal with unfamiliar situations on the road
  • solo: with the confidence to get out there and the strength to overcome naysayers, fears and obstacles

If you’re new to solo female travel, read these first

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Want to hear travel stories from other solo women?
Solo travel stories from other women on the road
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Solo travel stories from senior women

Need help to budget and plan your trip? These stories will help!
How to plan your travel budget (cost of living, calculators)
Guide to saving money when you’re almost broke
Checklist for long-term travel
Best time to visit different parts of the world

Concerned about staying safe while you travel?
Staying safe in your hotel room
Online safety and preventing identity theft
General travel safety

How to travel ethically
The ins and outs of volunteer holidays
Why you shouldn’t give money to child beggars
How we can all be more responsible travelers

And if you’re just plain curious
Find out how I ended up traveling around the world for more than three years – when I’d only planned to be gone six months. (Hint: I’m not good at math.)  

Controversy, politics and social issues
Yes, some of us do like these! You’ll find them here.

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Women on the Road has been helping women travel independently, on their own terms, since 2007.

Solo Travel

And all from a woman’s point of view. This website is written by women for women – because yes, women travel differently than men.

We often have different interests, more safety needs or specific health issues.

And no, I don’t think you’re crazy for wanting to travel solo. In fact, I’ll show you how and encourage you all the way. After all, I’ve been traveling solo since the age of 15!

So please, dive right in. Click around, read what you need, and ask questions – I’m here to help!

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