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Women on the Road

Travel Resources for Women Who Travel Independently

When I started traveling on my own, the web didn't exist, and women rarely traveled solo. 

PLEASE NOTE: Some articles on this website were written before COVID-19 emerged. I've done my best to keep destination articles updated but the changing situation has made it impossible to adjust the entire site to the realities of the pandemic or travel restrictions. You'll find updated information from the CDC about travel conditions by country but please check all appropriate sources before you travel as situations can change in minutes. 

There were few travel resources for women. I had to dredge existing guidebooks that dedicated a paragraph or two to women's travel, no more.

But today things are different.

We have the web, and it's crowded with information and advice for us. Sometimes too much advice, so I'll try to simplify things by sharing the travel resources I personally use to plan my travels. (I've also added some travel blogging and writing resources at the bottom if you're so inclined.)

how to organize your trip

Deciding where to start planning can be complicated - there's so much out there. Start by exploring these initial pages and branch out from here.

Essential Planning Resources

what to take with you

how to stay healthy and safe 

Whatever your travel plans or concerns, staying healthy and safe should be at the very top of your list. Don't fall prey to the "it won't happen to me" syndrome - it doesn't have to, if you take a few precautions.

Helpful resources on health and safety

money matters

We never seem to have enough money to travel as much as we'd like - that's a fact. Here are some ways to save money, or to earn more to travel more.

and if you can't travel...

travel blogging and travel writing

Dreaming of becoming a travel writer or blogger to pay for travel is nothing new. It used to be difficult to break into travel writing jobs, all those brilliant bylines on glossy magazines or high-circulation newspapers. It's still difficult, but some new possibilities also make it easier to put your writing before millions of people!

It's harder because there are ever fewer jobs for travel writers - but it's easier because the Internet has opened up many opportunities, both in travel writing and in jobs related to writing or blogging.

These travel writing resources will help jumpstart your efforts to write about travel for a living.

  • Here are some do's and don'ts and a quick guide to freelancing
  • The most famous travel blogger in the world, Nomadic Matt, has put his extensive experience and success into an online travel blogging course.
  • Bloggers make money by earning a commission on products they sell. There's an art to it: it's called affiliate marketing and this course shows you how to do it successfully
  • Here's a great book to get you started with earning while you blog, by someone who has earned multiple six-figures from blogging.

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