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Women on the Road

Travel Resources for Women Who Travel Independently

When I started traveling on my own, the web didn't exist, and women rarely traveled solo. 

Solo travel is relatively newTravel has changed a bit since Augustus Egg painted The Travelling Companions in 1862

Many of us traveled in pairs.

There were few travel resources for women. I had to dredge existing guidebooks that dedicated a paragraph or two to women's travel, no more.

But today things are different.

We have the web, and it's crowded with information and advice for us. Sometimes too much advice, so I'll try to simplify things by sharing the travel resources I personally use to plan my travels.

how to organize your trip

Deciding where to start planning can be complicated - there's so much out there. Start by exploring these initial tools and branch out from here.

Essential Planning Resources

- To do my research, I usually use either Lonely Planet or Bradt Guides
- Read some great book reviews about Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the rest of the world
- Getting organized is complicated: I use Evernote to keep everything in order
- I book my flights with CheapoAir (it's called that for a reason!)
- I book my accommodation (hotel, apartment) through or compare hotel prices with HotelsCombined
- For hostels, I use HostelWorld
- Whenever I book a walking or city tour, I use Viator or Get Your Guide
- I always buy a brand new travel journal for each major trip

Helpful pages on planning 

what to take with you

- Here's my master packing list - it's for long-term travel but use it as a template
- Visit my Women's Travel Shop for your gear, clothes and essentials

how to stay healthy and safe 

Whatever your travel plans or concerns, staying healthy and safe should be at the very top of your list. Don't fall prey to the "it won't happen to me" syndrome - it doesn't have to, if you take a few precautions.

Health and safety resources

- No matter what anyone says, I always buy travel insurance (I use World Nomads)
- If you're past the age limit, I've found several great insurance companies to take you on
- Here's how to stay safe in your hotel room
- If you're scared of flying, consider taking the SOAR course (it worked for me)
- If you're headed to the tropics, make sure you protect yourself from malaria mosquitoes (and your clothing)

Helpful pages on health and safety

money matters

We never seem to have enough money to travel as much as we'd like - that's a fact. Here are some ways to save money, or earn more to travel more.

Earning and budgeting resources

- Learn how to teach English with MyTEFL (use my code SCRIBE35 for a 35% discount)
- The perfect introduction to How to Make Money from Blogging
- An excellent course on becoming a travel writer
- Save on your accommodation by becoming a housesitter 
- How women can make money online

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