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Women's Travel in the Americas

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The Western Hemisphere can be divided into any number of sections - North America, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Latin America... so for expediency I've split it into North America - the USA, Canada and non-Spanish speaking countries and colonies - and Latin America, where Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese are spoken.

North America

As someone who is both Canadian and French, traveling through North America feels familiar, my only regret being that I haven't seen more of the continent. 

Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America feels a bit less familiar but not altogether foreign. I was brought up in Spain as a child and speak Spanish fluently, which makes travel here a lot easier. If you're a non-Latin woman traveling solo, Latin America probably wouldn't be your first choice. There's the language, of course, but also a dose of machismo which may be foreign to you. 

Should you choose to take the plunge, you'll be royally rewarded with cultural immersion at its best: ancient civilizations, exciting foods, modern cities and music and art that can be unbeatable. There are many countries I haven't visited on the continent, but I do plan to.

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