These Are The Best Womens Travel Walking Shoes

The best women’s travel walking shoes are without a doubt the most important item in your travel wardrobe. Take the wrong pair and your trip may be ruined.  However, take the best women’s walking shoes for travel and your feet will thank you and ensure you get around to all the must-see sights.

Not only are good walking shoes for women on a trip vital, but they are usually the bulkiest thing you’re taking.  Which is why it is worthwhile doing your homework and try to at least a good pair of ladies lightweight walking shoes.

If your trip involves a lot of city walking, your choice of travel shoes can make or break your trip. (I’m not talking about hiking boots or hiking sandals here but the best women’s city walking shoes.) If you’re off to Europe, you’ll be spending a lot of time walking over those beautiful (but not so great on the feet) cobblestones. So it really does pay to do your research to ensure you find the most comfortable walking shoes for women.

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I’m a shoe lover and I’ve tried many pairs of ladies’ walking shoes  – so in these women’s walking shoes reviews, let me help you find the most comfortable walking shoes for travel. In this guide, I take you through all the things you need to consider before buying the best walking shoes for women, as well as looking at some of the top rated walking shoes for women now on the market.

Best womens travel walking shoes: comparison chart

Below is a quick overview of all the best walking shoes for travel I review in this guide.  Keep reading below for my full ladies walking shoes reviews.

How to choose the best womens walking shoes for travel

Below I’ve listed what I consider the best ladies walking shoes for city travel – but why did I choose them, and why do I recommend them as top walking shoes for women? It’s because they fulfilled some (or all) these requirements.

Below is a brief overview of the different types of shoes that can make a great option for comfy walking shoes for women.

  • Casual sneakers: Casual walking sneakers for women are a popular choice for city sightseeing and come in a range of great colors and modern designs; it won’t be hard to find the perfect pair for your individual preference and style.
  • Athletic shoes: If you’re sporty and don’t mind wearing your trainers during the day, a pair of running shoes are a great choice for the best womens shoes for walking.  While they may not be the most fashionable, they’ll keep your feet comfortable for all that city sightseeing.
  •  Flats: For those you like to look a little more fashionable during their days of city sightseeing, a good quality pair of flats can make good walking shoes for ladies.  A nice pair of flats are versatile: they can take you from a day of casual sightseeing to an evening meal at a restaurant.
  • Sandals: If you’re traveling during warmer months or in warmer climates, look for the best walking sandals for women, especially for city trips. These days, comfortable walking sandals come in plenty of colors and designs, and usually offer great support for your feet. You can even get relatively heavy-duty sandals for light hiking that can double as city walking footwear.
  • Casual boots: During the cooler months, a good quality pair of casual boots can also be a great option for city sightseeing. 

General comfort and support

That goes without saying. Travel and sightseeing means you’ll be on your feet a lot longer than you’re probably used to so your shoes need to be that comfortable. Even the best stylish walking shoes for women are not worth buying if they’re not comfortable.

To get that comfort, pay attention to the following parts of the shoe.

Arch support

Arch support is necessary to help maintain your foot properly aligned and well postured, as well as keep your feet comfortable after days of city sightseeing.  All the best rated walking shoes for women will have some level of arch support, but some people need additional support. If you need a womens walking shoe with arch support – get a pair!  This is no time to overlook your feet’s special requirements. 

Good arch support is highly important wherever you go but especially in Europe, where you’ll often be walking up and down cobbled hills. 

Foot bed

The best women’s shoes for walking all day have a footbed which is cushioned and properly cradles your foot, so ensure any travel shoe you purchase has a good curved footbed.

Specific bits and pieces

Sometimes a shoe is perfectly comfortable – except for a little seam or thread. If you have sensitive skin, the slightest rub could be a dealbreaker. Make sure you read all available reviews for the best female walking shoes to see what others are saying after they’ve worn them.


When it comes to womens comfy walking shoes, material is a factor. Soft leather feels wonderful but may be hot in summer when compared to some of the newer breathing fibers. You may also prefer to avoid animal products or conversely, you may wish to wear only what nature made.


The inside of your shoe is as important as the outside. The best womens travel shoes should have lining which breathes easily and doesn’t make your foot sweat. If you’re prone to sweaty feet, look for lining that has been treated with an odor-resistant coating.


While it is certainly possible to get comfortable, stylish walking shoes for women, it really is important to put comfort over fashion when it comes to great walking shoes for women. Don’t despair – there really are some excellent supportive and trendy walking shoes for women – just don’t forget that comfort comes first!  


The best women’s shoes for sightseeing should be durable and last you for years (depending upon how often you wear them). You don’t want your shoes to die after a few intensive wears so make sure the memory foam doesn’t flatten or the sides yaw once you’ve put them through their paces. Also look for reinforcements around the toes and flexibility in the soles


Its true that the top rated womens walking shoes often tend to be a little pricey.  That said, shoes are one extravagance whose price I pay less attention to. If they fit well, are durable and attractive, I’ll give in.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want the most comfortable women’s walking shoes for travel, stretch your budget as far as possible or look out for sales.  When it comes to the best walking shoes for ladies – you really do get what you pay for 


Do you need to work while you’re away? If so, consider taking a pair of shoes that can do double duty (unless luggage is no obstacle). And here’s a bit of an unorthodox suggestion: how about a pair of nursing shoes? They’re sturdy, comfortable, and designed to keep you on your feet all day. Just saying.


Depending on where you’re walking, the thickness of your sole will make a difference. If you’re walking on cobblestones, the most comfortable walking shoes for women will be ones with a thicker sole, as opposed to  what you’d need if you were walking through a Hong Kong mall. The treads are also important. A flat tread could be more slippery, depending on the ground’s surface.


It hit home on a recent trip to Kyrgyzstan – each time I went into a home I had to take my shoes off, sometimes a dozen or more times a day. Imagine doing that with laces! If you’re visiting a country where you are required to take your shoes off regularly, look for the best slip on walking shoes for women – or regret it later. 


The lighter they are, the easier they’ll be to pack. Plus with airlines increasingly strict about weight requirements for both check-in and carry-on luggage, this is something you should keep in mind.  That said, ultra-light shoes may be too flimsy for the wear and tear of a full day’s sightseeing.

Easy to clean

Your shoes will get dirty and you’ll need to be able to clean them – certain materials are easier to clean than others. If walking through mud or dust is part of your plan, think about how you’ll brush or wash your shoes afterwards. Some are even machine washable…

Time of year

Do check the weather before you decide which shoes to take! You won’t want to wear those womens leather walking shoes in the middle of the monsoon season and in winter, you’ll be looking for something more sturdy, like hiking boots.


The shoes I’ve listed below are recommended for tourism in well-kept cities, but if you’re headed somewhere with things to trip over, uneven sidewalks or muddy side streets, you’ll need something sturdier.

The one piece of advice I can provide about city or walking shoes is this: if you find the perfect and most comfortable ladies walking shoes, run and buy a second pair. Models change and you may not get another chance!

The best walking shoes for travel reviews

Below I’ve listed my top recommendations for great walking shoes for city trips.

— Originally published on 24 July 2016


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