Perfect Travel Gifts For Women – For Under $30 (2023 Selection)

Each time Christmas or a birthday rolls around, the question of (affordable) travel gifts for women raises its head. It’s not easy finding something original, small, and light (it has to be carried if you’re taking it with you) and useful enough to make a difference when you travel − or at home before you go.

The best travel gifts for women

I’ve been traveling solo for more than 50 years (gulp) and I know exactly what I like and need when it comes to travel kit. I’ve made the list below based on my own preferences and expertise when it comes to useful things for travel: it includes items that I’ve bought for myself, bought for others, or have received as gifts.

Each one of these women’s travel gift ideas costs under $30 (or, approximately, pounds or euros, wherever you live). You’ll enjoy using them yourself, or enhance the travels of someone you care about.

Packing Aids

These days, with all those airline size (and weight!) limitations, we don’t have much space when we pack. Anything that can compress, organize or lighten is welcome in my book… A packable daypack is great for those days when you THINK you might be shopping but don’t know, and now that I’m used to them, I could not live without my packing cubes.

Technical gadgets

Even if you’re not technically inclined, some of these unique gifts for travelers will not only be useful but essential for your travels. That lanyard, for example, is an absolute lifesaver – since I bought mine, I haven’t been scared to drop my phone, ever! And as my glasses get weaker (!) that little travel light is rechargeable and super practical.

Personal gifts

We all need useful travel accessories, and some are small enough not to add any weight to your packing, or very little – yet they’re super useful! Those little eyeglass cleaners (great for sunglasses too) are much more effective than using a corner of your scarf! The hand creams are perfect for those dry flights, but it won’t necessarily be dry when you land: if you’d rather keep your hands free from holding an umbrella, a packable rain jacket is just the thing.

Safety items

These women’s travel gifts go straight to one of our major concerns: travel safety. No gadget will replace common sense abroad, but there are certain items that can reduce danger or inconvenience.

I have an entire section on travel safety on my blog, so please do have a wander if safety is a concern.

Before you go…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of best gifts for the traveling woman but if you’re still in need of ideas, have a look at these travel accessories for some inspiration. Please keep checking back here, because I update this list constantly: each time I find female travel gifts I think you might like, I add them here, so the list is changing constantly.

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