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Avoiding the Bounce: The Art of Choosing the Right Travel Bras

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Imagine hiking through a rainforest for days or spending 72 hours cramped on a transcontinental train ride. Twisting and turning your torso is bad enough - the last thing you need are metal wires or hooks digging into your skin.

You'll need a travel bra that can cope with your travels. Of course you can stick to your regular fashionable bras, but I prefer some sporty support when I'm on my feet all day.

Remember, if you're traveling any length of time you'll have to wear this bra when it's sweaty, hot and clammy. You may have to wear it for several days in a row.

Here are just a few of the travel sports bras I've either tried myself or am planning to buy because other women travelers are raving about them:

ExOfficio travel bra

ExOfficio's Crossover is for the less chesty but wonderful for hot climates and long trips. You'll forget you're wearing it.

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The Panache also comes in nude and other colors. Like a regular sports bra - but nicer looking. And won't let you down on the bounce front.

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I know - it's not nude but if you're a little on the large side, Moving Comfort's Fiona will keep you sightseeing all day.

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Not your style? These other travel bras also get rave reviews: Calvin Klein's modern cotton bralette (a bit tougher than their light cotton version), anything in the Glamorise range, Anita's Light and Firm Sports Bra, and for something more colorful, La Isla's Criss Cross Yoga Bra.

And then there's The Travel Bra, in a category all its own.

I'm hugely excited about The Travel Bra, which just arrived - and is so incredibly comfy!.

What sets this one aside are the many safety - yes, safety! - features it has: it can hold your passport, your credit cards, cash, jewellery...

And I love that it's from Australia - they do know their travels down there!

What should you look for in a travel bra?

Every travel bra is different but they all have common characteristics - check these out to see what's right for you.

Here's what you should look for:

  • sturdiness: if you're packing light you'll be wearing it a lot, and that means something that makes the grade 
  • cup size: remember, your rib cage may be narrow and your breasts large, or vice versa so make sure both measurements fit
  • support: you'll be walking a lot, sometimes quickly, and you don't want to be bouncing all over the place
  • suitable: think of your activities - a more sporty bra for sightseeing and sports but if you're going glam at night, a convertible bra is a must (if you can pull this off, that is!)
  • comfortable straps: nothing too thin that bites into your shoulder or collarbone
  • whether it snaps in the back or slips on over your head - many of us have preferences! If you like the ones that snap on, make sure those hooks are strong so your bra stays put!
  • smooth: for bras with hooks, make sure they're well-covered and off your skin.

A few other things to look for:

  • suitable for travel, like anti-microbial properties
  • if it's made of wicking materials it will keep you dry longer - meaning you have to wash it less often
  • color: you want it to be neutral and invisible (I prefer skin or nude colors that work well under any color top)

I personally can't travel without a sports bra but I'm on the larger side. If you're slim with less weight to carry, you may be just fine traveling with your everyday bras.

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