Confused About The Best Anti-Theft Backpack For Women? (Here Are My Top 4)

Safety is something we always have in the back of our minds when we travel – safety for our persons, of course, but safety for our luggage and belongings.

That’s why I make sure I invest in the best anti theft backpack (as well as the best anti-theft travel bags and purses).

There is fantastic anti-theft luggage on the market and here I’ll be concentrating on my top four recommendations.

Don’t want to look any further? My top pick for the Best Anti-Theft Travel Backpack is the 45L Pacsafe Venturesafe. More on this one and plenty of other great backpacks below!


If you’re looking for great theft protection in a handbag, check out these excellent anti-theft travel purses.


Having an anti theft proof backpack is becoming more important than ever as thieves become increasingly ingenious at separating us from our stuff.

A secure backpack provides peace of mind (more reasons you should use an anti theft travel backpack below) from thieves but also from natural elements, like water damage.

In the world of thievery, women - especially those of us who travel solo - are seen as particularly vulnerable. While this can be far from the truth, it won’t stop thieves from going after our personal belongings, identifications, passports or valuables in our bag.

Having an anti theft backpack can help keep you from becoming a victim to pickpockets, or worse.



Many pickpockets target people they consider ‘low-hanging fruit’, or more vulnerable. Having a pickpocket proof bag could well be enough to discourage potential pickpockets and convince them you’re not worth robbing.

Some anti pickpocket bags have special locks while others are difficult to access from the outside. Thieves are good at what they do and when they see certain styles of bags, they often move on to something more accessible and worth a try.

This alone would make a pickpocket proof bag a worthwhile investment!

RFID theft

Unfortunately, pickpockets are becoming increasingly savvy about traditional methods of keeping valuables safe, such as money belts or money bras

Having developed the know-how, they now can steal your credit card information by simply standing next to you and applying a well-known scam called “electronic pickpocketing”. What’s scary is that you may not even know it has happened…. at least not until you receive your next credit card statement or your one and only card suddenly gets declined abroad when you need it the most. 

Here’s how it works: if you have an RFID chip in your credit card (some passports and IDs have them now as well), it is activated by a reader and then transmits private information, such as your credit card number.  

RFID travel bags block the technology that allows this virtual pickpocketing.

Knives and having a slashproof bag

While nobody likes to think about getting robbed, especially while on a trip, it’s important for women to be prepared. This is why having something like an anti-theft purse for daily use is such a good idea. 

One of the features of an anti theft purse - one you can also find in a slash proof backpack - is the ability to repel a knife. Anyone trying to cut open your bag or slash its strap will be foiled, preventing anyone from running off with all your belongings.


Quite honestly, I think that having travel safe bags is something ANY traveler should consider. For some people, an anti theft bag should be essential rather than an option.

Solo female travelers

Those of us who travel solo know just how important it is to keep ourselves and our belongings safe. Having theft proof luggage is just one added layer of protection

Travelers who use public transportation often

Since petty theft is often a crime of opportunity, removing that opportunity is a sensible way of preventing your things from being stolen. Simply using a theft proof travel bag will prevent this kind of robbery.

I remember witnessing a subway theft in Barcelona – the thief dipped into an open tote bag so quickly no one realized what had happened until exiting the metro. This would not have happened with a good anti theft backpack or purse.

Travelers in less reputable areas

Sometimes, travel takes you to places that aren’t as safe as you might hope. Maybe it is the destination itself, or maybe it is just a neighborhood in which you end up accidentally after getting off at the wrong subway stop. Either way, having a secure travel backpack can be the difference between making it home safely and getting pickpocketed. 


There are many different options when choosing the best anti theft bags. Some may have all the features below, others may only have a few. Just make sure that the bag you eventually choose fits well with your specific travel style. 

Hidden or secret pockets

Many anti theft backpacks have “hidden” pockets that are extremely hard to get into from the outside. This is the perfect place to stash valuables, extra credit cards, passports, or anything else that would be an absolute headache to get stolen.

RFID protection

We talked above about RFID pickpockets, but what are RFID travel bags? Typically, they are made of materials (often a metal, like nickel or copper) that essentially block any electromagnetic fields from being transmitted.

RFID chips are extremely handy when used properly. In credit cards, they can contain your credit card number and PIN. In RFID IDs, they can even have your social security or ID number. However, someone with the right kind of scanner can pick up those numbers just by turning on their device! 

An RFID-protected bag blocks the signal and won’t allow for the information to be sent. 

Travel bag locks

A good anti theft backpack is going to have high-end locking features, such as a combination lock, that locks the zippers so that no one can sneakily slide it open and reach into your pack undetected. 

Also, look for bags that lock up the straps. That way, if you’re sitting someplace, you can easily lock the straps to something, like the pole of a bus station or the chair at an outdoor café.

Cut proof backpack material

Again, while we’ve already mentioned the importance of a slash proof travel backpack, this is another major feature. A cut proof bag will delay or prevent an all-too-common robbery method: discreetly slashing a bag in a crowded spot (like a packed subway) to get to your belongings. Some thieves will even try to quickly cut through an entire strap and run off with your bag into the street.

Look for bags with outer materials made from military grade cut-resistant materials. While it is more common to find steel reinforced straps on purses, you’ll also find some backpacks with this feature as well.

Anti theft zippers

We’ve all had a bag with zippers so flimsy and poorly made that fall apart after only a few uses. A quality security bag will have zippers that are exceptionally made and that will hold up to not only your personal wear and tear, but also to thieves. Look for zippers that have very small gaps between them and that are well reinforced into the bag itself so that they don’t easily tear. 

Overall durability

If you’re checking off all the items above, you’re already getting a durable bag (I mean, how flimsy can steel reinforcements be?) However, it still doesn’t hurt to check consumer reviews to make sure that the bag is actually holding up over time. 

Big-picture durability includes such features as wide straps, waterproofing, and even extended warranties.


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety for comfort. Be sure to look for a bag that has proper support and that includes some of these great features:

  • Wide straps
  • Mesh 
  • Breathable back
  • Lumbar support
  • Chest and waist straps to relieve the weight load
  • Padded waist


Do you prefer a small anti theft backpack that you can also use for day trips or do you need a backpacking bag that you’ll mostly use as luggage?


What exactly do you plan to use your backpack for? There are some phenomenal bags that keep high-priced items safe, like this anti theft camera bag, or this anti theft laptop backpack. But you won’t need these if all you’re carrying are a bunch of clothes and a book or two.

Alternatively, you may need luggage that also converts into an anti theft daypack so that you aren’t lugging around anything too large while out sightseeing for a few hours. 


Just because we want to be safe doesn’t mean we don’t also want to look nice. Maybe you love a feminine design or perhaps you favor neutral colors to avoid standing out. Whatever your personal fashion and travel style, be authentic and true to yourself, consider your comfort level and above all, keep safety in mind. 


As you can see, there are several great options for those of you looking for a theft proof travel backpack.

Things happen, but sometimes, simply having a theft proof backpack is enough to deter any would-be thief who might want to consider you a target.


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