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Safe Travel for Women
Travel safety shouldn't be your main concern - but you should be aware

Is there really such a thing as safe travel? Can you guarantee it?

Of course you can travel safely and no, there is no guarantee. You'll have to work at it.

travel safetySafety doesn't have to be complicated - it can be as simple as biking or walking across a street

One thing I can tell you is that with the exception of walking into war zones in dangerous places or an avowedly dangerous neighborhood, you'll be as safe on the road as you would be at home. Traffic can happen anywhere. So can violence and theft.

What happens if you run into danger?

How will you cope?

In the end it's all about preparation - research about safety at your destination, airport and airline security, physical training and self-defence, packing the right kit, and making sure you take the right information with you.

Here are some of the things you should consider.

The kind of traveler you are will also influence the safety measures you take. Are you a mature or senior traveler? A young girl on a gap year or junior year off? Are you a mother traveling with children? A lesbian traveling alone or with your partner? A woman taking a trip on your own for the first time? Each of these circumstances means you'll look at safety through a different lens.

Plenty of travel gadgets and tools can help keep you safe - or at least make you feel safer. You can buy safety locks for your hotel room and mesh covers for your backpack. My own approach is to carry a plastic doorstop to keep intruders out, and take along tattered luggage no one would want to steal.

And for those who just need a little bit of a mind boost, why not take along a safe travel talisman or amulet - my gutted green tin cup, called Kermit, never left my side through years of travel.

All this thinking may seem bit scary - but it shouldn't be. Being prepared and aware will usually do the trick, and most of the time women can and do travel safely.

It just doesn't come naturally - we need to work at it.

Are there any safety issues you particularly worry about when you travel? Please let me know in the comments below.