Solo Trip To Vegas: How To Plan A Fabulous Las Vegas Solo Experience

A solo trip to Vegas can be challenging and rewarding, especially if it’s your first time in the city, or even your first time in the United States. Here is a collection of my Las Vegas solo travel tips for women.

Dubbed Sin City, the resort city is one of the most amazing fun places in the world, which everyone should experience at least once in their lives. However, the popular city attracts not only good peaceful travelers, but also unfriendly ones, as well as con artists and plain criminals. 

But fear not – it’s easy to travel to Las Vegas by yourself, have a blast and meet a lot of good people, if you follow these simple tips.

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What to wear on a solo trip to Vegas

If you’re traveling to Vegas alone it’s best not to stand out from the crowd – wear what everyone else does. No one wears tuxedoes or cocktail dresses anymore and people dress comfortably – in jeans, shorts, nice pants, skirts and shirts. For late dining, people tend to dress up, and so can you. 

While in casinos, people wear whatever they wear in the street, even shorts. But most restaurants and nightclubs enforce a strict dress code. However, smart shoes, a pair of black pants, and a nice blouse will work for just about any occasion. Just avoid flip-flops, running shoes, and jeans (especially ripped jeans) and you will fit right in.

Also keep in mind that in summer Vegas can get really hot, but air-conditioned spaces and evenings outdoors can be quite cool, even chilly. Try to wear layers that you can easily take off and put back on.

How to play alone in Vegas casinos

  • If you go gambling, you should be extra alert – security cameras do not stop crooks from hanging around. Keep your eye on your chips. 
  • Don’t carry too much money with you – set a gambling limit. You don’t know how addictive it can be if you haven’t tried it!
  • If you win a large sum of money, do not walk to your hotel room by yourself – ask casino security to accompany you. Since you won, a nice tip to the security officer would be a nice gesture. Consider asking your hotel front desk if they have a safe – valuables aren’t always safe in your room.
  • Casinos offer free drinks, free rooms, and other freebies and coupons to those who lose a lot of money. If you like to play and lose, make sure the pit boss notices. If you can’t win, you can at least get a free drink or stay on your next trip. 
  • If you are planning to play at the casinos, join their player’s clubs. By joining a players club, you will receive a few perks, coupons, or discount hotel rooms for your next trip. Many casinos offer this option in order to attract customers – and you can join as many clubs as you like.
Las Vegas casino slot machines

Saving money – Or how not to go broke in Las Vegas

Sin City is not cheap anymore, and vacationing here can be quite costly. If you are budget-conscious, there are a few ways to cut costs. Here are my best tips on saving money in Las Vegas.

  • To save on restaurants, try to dine during off-peak hours when most people have had lunch but it’s too early for dinner. For example, eat between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., when many restaurants offer “happy hour” – half price off drinks, free drinks, 10% off the bill, or cheap fixed menu lunches. If you don’t like eating out on your own, these solo dining tips will help.
  • Tix4tonight is a company that specializes in half-price tickets to same-day shows. They have many booths along the Vegas Strip and are very easy to find (many top shows aren’t available so if you’re really keen, pick shows you want to see in advance). They also offer coupons for various restaurants. Restaurants at the Tropicana Hotel, for example, always have run coupons that offer 30% off entrees, or 10-15% off the entire meal.
  • Watch for coupon books, magazines, and papers distributed free in hotels. They might have great deals there for restaurants, shows, and attractions.
  • As mentioned above, join the players club of every casino you are gambling in – you will receive multiple perks and free stuff simply for joining them.

Solo female Vegas safety tips

Is Vegas safe in general?

It’s pretty much as safe as any other city in the US. There is police in the street, hotels have security, night clubs have bouncers, and casinos have security cameras. But that does not mean anything goes!

  • Arrive in Vegas during the day. Although the city is well lit, you don’t want to be wandering around parking lots, taxi stands or bus stops in the dark.
  • Hotels in Vegas are usually huge, and it can take a long time to walk to your room. Walking alone can present additional challenges. When booking a room, try to ask for one closer to the elevator so you don’t have to walk far. But not too close, because you don’t want to be woken up by drunk revelers coming back from a nightclub at 5:00 am!
Solo trip to Vegas: hotels like Caesar's Palace are huge
Hotels in Las Vegas can be huge
  • Keep your money in a hotel deposit box (if reception has a safe – that would be much safer than the one in your room). Only carry as much money with you as you need, especially if you are going to gamble. Do not constantly check your money – this can draw attention.
  • Try to avoid less reputable areas of the city if you’re in Vegas alone. Stay either on the Strip (the main area where all tourists are) or downtown Vegas on Fremont Street (a favorite place among locals). Try to avoid traveling to restaurants located far from these two areas.
  • Have copies of all your travel documents – keep them in a separate place.
  • Exercise extra caution if you are going to a night club. Always keep an eye on your drink, especially if you are talking to a stranger.
  • If you rented a car, do not walk alone to the parking lot at night. Ask hotel security or anyone working at a place where you are to walk you to your car. Tip them – $5 dollars will do.
  • Free shows in Vegas always attract crowds, so always keep an eye on your purse and hold it close if you are going to a free show.

What to do in Vegas by yourself

Explore the Las Vegas Strip

It’s legendary, and exploring the Strip is part of any trip to Las Vegas – it buzzes, glitters and glows. Wander the street and find somewhere to have a nice dinner and go all out with tickets to a show – go see one of Vegas’s favourite resident artists or treat yourself to a classic like Cirque Du Soleil.

One of the oldest resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, Caesar’s Palace is a quirky must-see attraction. Built in 1966, it was designed to give guests an “authentic” taste of an opulent lifestyle at the height of the Roman Empire. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Take a trip to the Grand Canyon

If you’re anywhere near the Grand Canyon, it would be an absolute crime not to visit it. Although the Grand Canyon is a 4-5 hour drive from Las Vegas, it can be visited on a day trip.

Described by Theodore Roosevelt as “the one great sight that every American should see”, the Grand Canyon is humbling, home to the largest canyon on earth – yes, on earth – and it was declared a national monument in 1908.

Hoover Dam

Even if you’re not American, you’ve most likely heard of the Hoover Dam, an astounding human engineering feat and an incredible sight given its sheer size – after it’s 726 feet (221m) high and 1,244 feet (379m) long.

By the time it was completed in 1936, the dam was the largest manmade structure in the world. As building took place during the hard times of the Great Depression, it stands as a symbol of American grit, ambition and determination.

The dam is around 40 minutes from Las Vegas and once there, you can take a guided tour of the power plant and the dam, visit the memorial bridge or even kayak on the Hoover Dam itself.

Tours in Las Vegas

Many of the attractions near the city can be seen on one of the multiple guided tours within the city, as well as many day trips to the Grand CanyonHoover Dam, and Red Rock Canyon. Any guided bus tour in Vegas is fine for women traveling solo – they are organized in small or large groups and are perfectly safe. 

If a tour is long, a lunch is usually provided for free, so don’t have too much cash with you. Try to wear something comfortable – jeans, walking shoes and a hat if the tour involves walking. In summer, always use sunscreen and although water is usually provided, have some with you just in case. 

Just because Las Vegas is an entertainment capital doesn’t mean you can’t visit a museum or do other fun things! For example… the Neon Museum, the Mob Museum, a helicopter tour, or its very own Eiffel Tower!

Entertainment during your solo trip to Vegas

There are so many shows in Las Vegas it may be hard for you to choose. Therefore, I’ll recommend you the best of the best, as I would do for a close friend.

Start with the free entertainment (but remember my tips about keeping an eye on your belongings in a crowd!) Free shows in Vegas include Dancing Fountains of the Bellagio Hotel, Fashion Show at the Fashion Show Mall, The Mirage Volcano (now owned by Hard Rock International), and Living Statues at the Forum Shops.

Once you’ve gone through those, Cirque du Soleil is of course a must – especially Mystere or O of Michael Jackson ONE. Many agree that these are Cirque du Soleil’s most impressive shows. The Cirque, by the way, is the world’s largest circus producer.

Have a wonderful solo Vegas trip!

Guest Contribution by Svetlana Rubejov. Her website Las Vegas Entertainment Guide provides an up-to-date list of shows in Las Vegas.

And please – don’t forget your travel insurance before you go! I recommend SafetyWing if you’re 69 and under. If that birthday has come and gone, click here for travel insurance that covers you at any age.


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