Guest Posting By Travel Bloggers On Women On The Road

PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines are for travel bloggers only. If you are a business trying to place a guest post, a sponsored post or something commercial, I am not taking any at this time.

Women on the Road is a mature, respected website founded in 2006. It is a fantastic showcase for your travel writing talents, with thousands of women visitors a day ready to read you.

What is Women on the Road?

Women on the Road is one of the original women’s travel websites. It all started with an email newsletter in 1996 and by the end of 2006 this website was born – for women who travel smart, safe and solo, who are respectful of and curious about other cultures, who want to discover the world on their own terms and leave their preconceived ideas behind.

Here’s what I’m looking for

Destination posts, written through a female lens and containing practical destination-related advice for the smart and independent female readerPosts must be based on in-depth knowledge of your destination gained from having lived there or traveled there extensively. Information should be honest and realistic – no promotional rose-tinted glasses prose. No top ten lists. No first-person experiences. Imagine a reader will want to visit after reading your piece, and possibly recreate your trip.

Posts are long form – on average 2000-2500 words

Your story should be in narrative form and contain information about any of the following, structured any way you like – information NOT easily found in a hundred other blogs. Show off your knowledge of offbeat places and things to do, of what to eat, of habits and customs that help a reader understand a place better.

Here are some of the things you can include – just pick and choose, or develop your own ideas.

  • why this destination is ideal for independent or solo women – but also why it’s not perfect
  • how safe it is for a solo female traveler including neighborhoods, public transport and anything else that’s pertinent
  • any special woman-friendly venues or activities
  • etiquette or cultural norms women should be aware of
  • culture, history, food customs – touching on the oddest or most spectacular or must-try
  • anything that might be particular interest to women who are traveling independently… 

Not sure your idea fits the bill? Please ask!

Here are some examples of guest posts I’ve published recently:

What’s in it for YOU?

  • Three strong do-follow (non-commercial) links back to your own travel blog or site, two in the text (to relevant but non-competing posts) and one in your bio (to your homepage), along with a link to your main social media platform.
  • Ongoing promotion through my own social media channels.
  • Promotion in Women on the Road NEWS, my weekly newsletter.
  • And yes, association with a respected, mature travel website.

What NOT to submit

  • No Wikipedia: no list of sights and activities anyone can find a click away.
  • No first person “here’s what I did” – tell us what there is to see that any solo woman would enjoy.
  • No generic how-to pieces as in ‘how to travel safely’ or ‘how to pack’. I have plenty already. If you do provide advice, make it part of your broader destination article, as in “most of the city is perfectly safe but solo women might think twice before wandering through these neighborhoods at night…” Important information, not found in general destination pieces.
  • No generic destination posts: no best restaurants in London, top hotels in Rio, things to do in Paris. The web is awash with this kind of piece.
  • No submissions about group, organized, family or couples travel. 
  • No rants – be factual. If you had a terrible experience, by all means mention it, but don’t color your entire piece with negativity, as in “why I hated X country”. We all have different experiences and see things from different perspectives.
  • No poetry, book excerpts, and nothing that has been published elsewhere – original work only.
  • No affiliate or commercial links in your story. Women on the Road will add monetization (see Disclosure below).

How to submit your articles/posts

Pitch first – tell me a bit about yourself, what you want to write about and why you’re qualified to do it, and we’ll take it from there. I’m looking for diversity at every level, and am also making sure I’m not drowning in a specific destination while ignoring others.

Once we’ve agreed…

  • Photos: Please include your own original high-quality photographs without watermarks, at least 1020 px wide with captions. If you don’t have photos, let me know and I’ll source them.
  • Length: mosts posts/articles are around 2000-2500 words or longer. Give the story what it’s worth. The better the writing, the more it can sustain a longer piece. Please note that I will edit for language and optimize for SEO.
  • Don’t forget two sentences for your bio and your two blog links.


Women on the Road is a member of the Mediavine ad network and ads appear throughout the site. In addition, I may add affiliate links to your post for relevant products and services.

Finally, the best guarantee of publication is relevance (woman-centered), reader demand (that’s why I ask you to check the destination with me first), expertise and above all, good writing. 

Have you got the perfect piece? Let’s find out…

Please email me!