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The Pros and Cons of Using a Waterproof Money Belt
Keep your money, keys and credit cards dry

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A waterproof money belt isn't everyone's idea of the perfect travel belt.

It has a few disadvantanges over the traditional travel money belt:

  • Because it's made of plastic-type materials, it will stick and make you sweat if you wear it next to your skin
  • It punctures easily so its water resistance can be quickly compromised if you're not careful - think catching in a thorn or on a sharp coral
  • It doesn't have that warm, cozy feeling you can get from silk or other types of travel waist wallet
  • It may actually be more expensive than other belts
  • And finally, it will probably be bulkier, since the material itself is less pliable
Kayaking may mean getting wetYou never know when you might get wet!

But then there are even better reasons why - if you're roughing it, staying in hostels or going around the world - you should have one.

I speak from experience. I once hung my cloth money belt next to my shower in Bangkok and inadvertently soaked my passport and all my money by misdirecting the shower nozzle and forgetting my belt was hanging there.

(Of course you know I couldn't leave it unattended in the hostel dorm while I had a shower, right?)

So yes, there are plenty of good reasons to have one of these waterproof wallets:

  • It's, well, waterproof, not only in the shower but for those other fun activities, like rafting or swimming or kayaking. And in the rain.
  • If you're traveling solo, how many times have you wondered what to do with your valuables on the beach? If you've found new friends you can leave your stuff with them, but if you're truly on your own and your lodgings don't have a safe (it does happen) your choices are limited: you'll have to wear your stuff, and a waterproof pouch of some sort may be the only way to keep it all from getting soaked.
  • It's easy to keep clean and dry. Anyone who has ever used a concealed money belt made of cloth or synthetics will tell you how quickly it gets clammy and smelly. This one won't. Just run a soapy cloth inside and out and it's clean.
  • You can get waterproof phone cases as well.

Sold on the waterproof version? Remember you can get lots of styles - waist, of course, but also for the neck, wrist, leg, ankle and armband.

Here are two of the better-known brands. 

This waterproof money belt has a cute name - the Aqua-Roo by Aqua-Quest. If you want to keep your cards, money and keys dry you can't beat this belt. But it's small.

The Loksak Splashsak Dipper FP Splash Caddy Waist Bag is also small, comes with ziplock bags and is equally waterproof, and also comes in yellow. Both are perfect for water sports or the beach.

Do you have a waterproof money belt to recommend? If you do please let us know below.

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