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Are you a woman-friendly brand seeking inroads into the baby-boomer market?

Women on the Road, consistently a top 100 travel blog, has been building a relationship with your audience since 2007.

Women on the Road is where women come when they want intelligent, hands-on guidance about the products and services they need to travel – before they travel, when they are in research mode, and during their trip.

For the first time, we are opening the site up for a very few sponsored partnerships.

Please note: these are for exposure, not link building.

Posts will be about a destination or aspect of travel, not about a client's product. The client's name will appear clearly on the post as a sponsor and links will be no-follow.

Email Marketing

Women on the Road NEWS is emailed weekly to 10,000 readers and offers one weekly opportunity for sponsorship with a product, service or destination of the month.

Additional services

Services can be tailored to your needs and include:

  • Press trips and campaigns
  • Instagram and Facebook stories
  • Instagram and Facebook Live
  • Writing services
  • Twitter chat co-hosting
  • Resource page listing

The Numbers

Women on the Road has an extremely targeted readership and social media following and a loyal newsletter subscription. For details please download the media kit

A recent survey showed that...

  • 51% of visitors travel more than 3 times a year
  • 65% usually travel solo
  • visitors are evenly distributed among all age groups
  • 52% have a college degree and 25% have a postgraduate degree
  • 70% are employed
  • 38% travel for 1-2 weeks each trip and 22% travel 2-4 weeks
  • 73% stay in hotels and guesthouses (as opposed to friends, relatives, housesitting or apartments)
  • 48% are from the USA; 25% from Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand; and the rest from India, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands and Switzerland
  • Please note that all links are disclosed and no-follow, as per Google guidelines.

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Benefits to You

  • Authenticity: we only accept clients in whom we believe.
  • You won’t get lost in the crowd: we are very selective and work with a handful of partners each year.
  • Trust: because of disclosure and honesty, readers trust us. 
  • Partnerships are promoted across social media, not just for the length of the contract, but well beyond.
  • Baby-boomer demographics: most readers are over 40, employed, and spend money on travel-related purchases.

What readers are saying about Women on the Road

“I eat, sleep, and breathe your website. I'm becoming a world traveler myself and love reading your itineraries, advice, and personal experiences. There is no other website out there like this one. Thank you so much!” - MJ via Facebook

"I have to tell you that your website is honestly, probably the best women's travel site, I have come across! It's informative, easy on the eyes and extremely user friendly. Congratulations and THANKS again. Happy New Year and I wish you all the success possible.” - Ellen R via Facebook

"I am considering leaving my high-paying job for a year on the road - sola. I thought maybe I'm crazy for even considering it - especially alone as a woman. Reading this newsletter makes me feel like it's not only possible but normal. I feel much more confident knowing there are other women out there traveling alone and doing it well. It has also given me great ideas and encouragement." - TC, Scottsdale AZ

"I just want to say that I am really impressed with what you've built... The interactive nature of the comment contributions is wonderful. Keep going!" - Jennifer Watters, USA

"Leyla, I loved your page on how to enjoy eating alone since that is frequently uncomfortable for us solo travelers - your tips really helped. Your ezine is so packed with info and helpful links I always look forward to receiving it. It has opened my eyes to new places, different ways to travel, and useful resources. I always get extra inspiration to travel more and be adventurous. I consider myself a pretty savvy traveller, but you are my idol!" - Diane Gilabert, San Diego, California, USA

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