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Solo-Friendly Companies That Don’t (Usually) Charge a Single Supplement

This is a list of companies that try to avoid penalizing solo travelers. Some charge no single supplement at all, others charge them under certain circumstances, and yet others waive the supplement if you’re willing to share a room. Always read the fine print before booking, because things change over time. This list doesn’t play favorites - it’s in alphabetical order. If you find a discrepancy on this list, please let me know.

Tour Companies

Adventures Abroad (Canada/US/UK)
Share a room and you —usually— won’t pay a single supplement as part of this company’s “share programme.” Read the fine print, though, because some destinations have a mandatory single supplement.

Adventures in Good Company (US)
If you’re willing to have a roommate (one that changes throughout the duration of the trip), you don’t have to pay a single supplement.

All Singles Travel (US) - Hiking Tours
Their adventure tours include a roommate guarantee so you don’t have to pay a single supplement (but if you want your own room, you do have to pay more for it).

Backroads (US) - Bike Tours
If they can find you a roommate, you don’t have to pay for a single room. Be cautious, though, because they don’t have a roommate guarantee and if you don’t get one, you have to pay for the whole room.

Flavours (UK)
These speciality holiday trips in Italy — Painting, Pilates, Cooking and Language Holidays — come with a guarantee that the company will never charge a single room supplement.

Friendship Travel (UK)
Read the specifics for each tour, but most come with a standard double or twin room just for you at no extra charge — the price on the website is what you pay.

G Adventures (Canada)
You’ll never have to pay a single supplement, but instead you’ll be matched with a same-gender roommate to cover the costs of a double-occupancy room.

Gutsy Women Travel (US)
If you book a tour far enough in advance of the tour departure date (90 days for normal tour, and 120 for tours including a safari or cruise), GWT guarantees you a roommate, or they will cover the cost of the single supplement for your own private accommodation.

International Expeditions (US)
Select upscale small-ship cruises and tours come with a free single supplement.

JVJ Jules Verne (IK)
New range of tours with no single supplement on certain dates.

Just You (UK)
These meticulously planned holidays and excursions are specially designed for solo travellers, so you’ll get your own room at no extra cost.

Overseas Adventure Travel (US)
OAT offers free single supplements on all their trips and tours, but if the single rooms are filled, they also provide a free roommate matching program that finds you a same-gender roommate so you don’t pay a single supplement.

REI Women’s Adventures (US)
All female, responsible travel, and no single supplement as long as you’re willing to room with someone. If no roommate is available, you still don’t pay a single supplement.

Road Scholar (US)
Singles travel and get their own room at no extra cost on select trips.

Saga (UK)
Saga offers select tours where you don’t have to pay a single supplement as long as you book early enough to get one of the single rooms set aside for that tour.

Solitair (UK)
This website is filled with holidays designed for solo travelers, none of which charges a single supplement fee.

Solos (UK)
You are guaranteed your own room for the price you pay. This may be a single room, but you could also end up in a double!   

Tauck (US)
Tauck is offering no single supplement on all 2018 European River Cruises. They also offer specials for singles on other tours, so be sure to check out the website for details.

The Women’s Travel Group (US)
Select tours guarantee a roommate so you don’t pay the single supplement. There are limited single accommodations available, but for a fee.

Travel One (UK)
The price on the website is based on single occupancy, but they do add a disclaimer that if a single room isn’t available you’ll pay more for a double.

Ocean or River Cruises

Ama River Cruises (US)
For a limited time solo travellers can book a stateroom (not Suite) on some 2017 cruises on Ama River Cruises’ “intimate and luxurious” ships for no extra fee. Keep looking on the site for solo specials.

Grand Circle Cruise Line (US)
Check the website for select cruises that come with free or low-cost single supplements. You can also take advantage of the company’s Roommate Matching Program and share the costs with a same-gender roommate.

Great Rail Journeys (US)
Travel by rail with other single travellers on specially designed solo trips and pay no single supplement.

Its Norwegian Epic has 128 studio staterooms for singles (full-sized bed and bathroom), along with a dedicated solo lounge and bar. 

Norwegian Cruise Line (Norway)
Besides reduced single supplements on some cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line also offers studio staterooms specially designed for solo travellers.

Pandaw Cruises (UK)
No single supplement deals for solo travelers in twin rooms on many luxury river cruises in Southeast Asia.

The Majestic Line (Scotland)
On every cruise, The Majestic Line reserves two rooms for single travelers and charges no supplement — so book well in advance to claim your spot.

Uniworld (US)
A waived or reduced single supplement is available on “select dates and itineraries only.” Check the website and be sure to read the fine print.

Vacations To Go (US)
Sign up with your email to get access to a long list of specific cruises with a number of carriers with “low or no” single supplements. These are last-minute deals from cruise lines needing to fill extra cabins.

Vantage (US)
Vantage’s river ships include solo traveler cabins for which they don’t charge a single supplement.

Voyages to Antiquity (UK)
Their ships (as of 2018) include 39 single-occupancy cabins perfect for solo guests, and select voyages include a “low or no” single supplement.

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