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Make Your Own FUD - Female Urination Device

by Selah

Homemade FUD

Homemade FUD

I recently spent two years in Africa and was appalled at the hygienic conditions. Toilets are not readily available. The men stop whereever they are, turn their back and pee. Some of the women pee in public, too. Most of the toilets were floor level and you had to squat to take care of business – kinda messy for women. You had to provide your own tissue or use a shared bucket of water to dip your fingers in and clean yourself with your bare fingers. Soooooo unsanitary! Africa is not the only country with unsanitary bathrooms. Some places don't have any bathrooms!

If you plan to travel (shopping, backpacking, biking, hunting, canoeing, cross country, or international - any mode of travel), I highly recommend taking a FUD (Female Urination Device) with you. A FUD enables a woman to stand while urinating. A well designed FUD allows her to urinate while exposing little skin and aiming with precision control.

Why on Earth would a woman want to pee standing in America? The main reason is to avoid sitting on contaminated toilet seats and backsplash. If her clothing is loose enough, she won’t have to venture far into the woods to pee. As a matter of fact, it would be possible for her to turn her back to people and tinkle without exposing any skin to them!

Today there are several manufacturers of FUDs. You can internet search “FUD” and find reusable and disposable types. Each device is unique. Some are made to use with a urinal. Most have tips that will allow a piece of tubing slipped over the end to better control the direction of flow.

Personally, I liked the FUD I previously owned and was unable to find it or another like it again. My first FUD looked like a medicine spoon that narrowed to a small slit in the hollow handle. The spoon end captured the urine which exited through the slit.

After purchasing a new model FUD and being dissatisfied with its bulkiness, I decided to make my own. Don’t laugh… I bought a medicine spoon and drilled a tiny hole (about 3/32 of an inch) in the handle. It worked perfectly! So perfectly, I really believe whoever designed the first FUD I used probably started with a medicine spoon! I really like this homemade FUD better because it is small enough to pocket, easy to clean, and costs less than $2. You can attach tubing to it, too.

If you decide to make your own ‘medicine spoon’ FUD, here are some tips for using it:

1) Practice in the shower
2) Put the spoon right over the Urethra
3) Do not press hard – you will not be able to pee
4) Allow Labium to close over the spoon area creating a seal
5) Allow device to fully empty
6) Scraping the edge of the spoon across the flesh as you bring it forward will eliminate the need for tissue
7) Rinse devise and store in zip lock bag

Notes: The urethra is located between the clitoris and vaginal opening, somewhat closer to the vaginal opening.

IMPORTANT: If you have an infection, be sure you thoroughly cleanse the device in between every use. Alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer can be used to disinfect it.

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Apr 12, 2013
Great idea!
by: Leyla

I've often wondered about these and I know some women swear by them - I'm thinking back to a trip up the coast of Mozambique some years ago during which I witnessed the worst bathroom of my life. I had to walk into the fields to pee and at that time the war had just ended and the fields were mined. Not fun. I think one of these would have come in handy!

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