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Are You a Woman Who Loves to Travel?
Is something holding you back?

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Do you ever feel the urge to leave it all behind and start your life over - at least for a little while?

That feeling hit me at 43 in what turned out to be a mid-life crisis the size of a minor planet. There wasn't anything terribly wrong with my life, but there wasn't anything hugely right, either. I had a decent job (but I was bored and unchallenged), a dead-end relationship (I was fed up) and itchy feet.

So I did something about it: I took off to see the world.

solo travel will empower youStopping off for coffee on the streets of Istanbul...

I'd been traveling all my life, much of it solo, much of it as a journalist, but never for more than a few weeks at a time. This would be different.

I spent a year researching before I left but sadly, I found almost nothing about women's travel, let alone solo travel. This was before the internet made information so widely available. Yet women, sadly, need to be more conscious of themselves and of their surroundings when they travel, especially if they are on their own. The world is not a perfect place and if we plan to navigate it on our own, we should be as prepared as we can be on all fronts - safety, research, knowledge - and anticipation!

After spending more than three years on the road, when I came home I decided to document what I'd learned so that other women could travel on their own, with confidence and without fear.

This website is the result! (If you're curious about what powers this site technically, click here.)

If you travel solo, for a week or for a year, Women on the Road is for YOU!

Women on the Road is for women who are curious, smart, enterprising, enthusiastic, inspired or dynamic - women who want to see the world on their own terms, usually solo (though someone might occasionally tag along) but always independently.

Women on the Road is for women who are ready to take one big fat bite out of life and smack their lips in glee afterward.

When I first started to travel on my own many years ago, independent travel was mostly for men. So was travel information.

But we are different!

We need to be more careful at night. We have to fight off more unwanted attention. And we may be (often wrongly) perceived as more vulnerable.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I've been around the world on my own several times and I didn't have the hands-on information I needed to stay safe, travel smart or simply get from A to B.

My first solo outing was at 15 (my parents were not amused) when I 'escaped' from my home in Spain, where we were living then, to Morocco. I managed to stay an entire day before my father tracked me down and marched me back.

At 43, I took off again, this time for longer. I traveled across Africa and Asia, with a additional jumps to far flung places like the Baltic states and Cuba. 

Would I do it all again? Absolutely!

Would I do it differently? Absolutely!

about women on the road

Are you a woman...

  • Who wants a career break?
  • Who is suddenly single?
  • Looking for a gap year adventure?
  • Who needs to get away on her own for a while?
  • Trying to gain strength or independence?
  • Who wants to prove she can do it?
  • Who has a partner who hates travel?
  • Who needs a fresh start?
  • Who wants to see beyond the tour groups and souvenir shops?
  • Searching for a spiritual experience?
  • Curious about why women travel solo?
  • Or are you a woman who simply likes adventure?
  • Whatever your reasons or your situation, if you yearn to travel far and wide, you belong here!

If this is your first time on this site, you'll find a great introduction on my Start Here page that walks you through what you'll find. (If you're curious, there's more about me here.)

If you'd rather receive your women's travel tips and strategies right in your email, Women on the Road NEWS will deliver it to you the first Tuesday of the month (and you'll also get the list of '9 indispensables' I always travel with!)

  • Readers of Women on the Road NEWS have learned how to calculate their carbon footprint, use Google Maps to stay in touch, start learning new languages, eat out alone without panicking, find jobs in ski resorts, deal with travel burnout, and find free accommodation anywhere in the world.
  • Are you concerned about safety? Do you want to become a volunteer? Need to make money while you travel? Women on the Road NEWS shares precise and practical information with you about how women travel so you'll be prepared, no matter what your trip throws at you.
  • And of course you'll also get my list of 9 indispensable items, the ones I can't travel without!

"Leyla, your ezine is great. I loved your page on how to enjoy eating alone since that is frequently uncomfortable for us solo travelers - your tips really helped. Your ezine is so packed with info and helpful links I always look forward to receiving it. It has opened my eyes to new places, different ways to travel, and useful resources. I always get extra inspiration from your ezine to travel more and be adventurous. I consider myself a pretty savvy traveller, but you are my idol!"
Diane Gilabert, San Diego, USA 

Women on the Road NEWS shows you how to:

  • Make money as you travel
  • Choose the best volunteer vacation or find the right charity
  • Decide which travel accessories are right for you
  • Pack the lightest and most durable travel clothing
  • Take advantage of the cheapest ways to travel
  • Stay with people for free by couchsurfing or housesitting
  • Decide when to go, plan a route and choose the best travel destinations
  • Handle your money wisely and avoid being scammed by con artists
  • Eat out alone - and enjoy it
  • Manage your health and know what to do if you get sick
  • Stay in touch easily and cheaply
  • And so much more - a new topic every month, exclusive to subscribers!

When I started to travel I had little guidance specifically aimed at women. We were just a page or two in the general guidebooks.

Things may have changed - but there's still plenty of room for improvement.

Remember - Women on the Road is a website written by a woman, for women!

  • I believe all women can travel independently: young, older, adventurous, shy, timid, intrepid, insecure, afraid, professional, student, straight, gay, grandmothers and granddaughters.
  • As a woman you can travel solo for a few days, weeks, or yes, even years. I know you can!

I was terribly insecure when I first started traveling solo: I had no woman-friendly travel advice (other than Don't go there!), no lists, no real plan, and very little money. I just trusted things would go well. They did - but they might not have.

Today I know better. I understand the importance of finding out as much as I can before I leave and of coping with the unexpected once I'm away. I'd like to share that knowledge with you - that, and my love of 'the road'.

And if you haven't done so yet, please join me and 10,000+ other subscribers for free travel tips, right in your Inbox the first Tuesday of every month!

(and I'll make sure to send you the List of 9 indispensable items I always take with me when I travel) 

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