Doesn't travel traditionally mean seeing the sights, visiting the main monuments, eating in a few well-known restaurants and stopping by the beach?

Often, not at all - we want so much more out of our travel adventures.

If you're anything like me, you'll want to understand your destination from every point of view: cultural, historical, religious, gastronomic, artistic, political, social, environmental...

If buying souvenirs at the corner shop doesn't cut it anymore, you may be ready to sample a new kind of travel.

Women on the Road NEWS: Contents for Issue #20 REDO

New Kinds of Travel

Traditional travel survives, but new kinds of travel are becoming popular. I'd like to give you an overview - you've probably heard of most of them, but a few of them may come as a surprise.

Can you add to this list? If you have other new kinds of travel you'd like to share, please let me know by simply replying to this email and I might write a page about it on the website - so you can share your ideas with everyone else!

What's New This Month on Women on the Road, the Website

The Best Travel Forums
If you're planning to travel, using these forums for research should be your first step.

How to Tell Your Friends You're Leaving
Not everyone will think your RTW journey is a great idea - learn to cope with the nay-sayers and fear-mongerers.

Travel News From Across the Web

5 Compelling Reasons to Visit Banned Countries

How to Travel Full-Time for $14,000 a Year

The World's Worst Taxi Rides

The 10 Best Bookshops in the World

10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World

10 Essential Items for Backcountry Travel

10 Favorite Beaches

World's Weirdest Spas

For art lovers...

Best Cities for Street Art

Russian Art Branches Out to Amsterdam

...and food lovers

Food Shopping in Paris

Eat Like a King (or queen) in Bangkok

Eating on the Honor System

5 Food Blogs to Read Before Traveling to Asia

City of Ghent: Becoming Part-Time Vegetarian

Destination Travel

Contemporary Cool: 10 New Things to Do in Istanbul

Mafia Ex-Cons Show Tourists Around Naples

10 Bars to Enjoy the Eternal City Life

Iran Through the Eyes of Travelers

Cause of the Month
Indoor Air Pollution Affects Poorest Women Most

It's a little-known fact but 1.5 million women die each year - mostly in Africa and Asia - because they breathe in fumes from traditional fuels used for cooking or heating.

Not only does smoke kill but it leads to breathing problems among the poorest and most vulnerable - usually women and children in poor countries.

Where does this smoke come from? Biomass such as twigs, leaves or wood gathered by the women of the world. Biomass doesn't burn completely and much of it is converted to toxic waste such as small particles of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, among others.

In terms of global disease, indoor smoke ranks tenth - and third in India.

Even though escaping smoke causes a whopping 5 percent of outdoor air pollution, no one is listening. There isn't enough information, scientists say, so meanwhile, women continue to die.

For more information on poverty and indoor air pollution, please try the following websites:
Partnership for Clean Indoor Air
World Health Organization
Fuel Network
Energia - International network on gender and sustainable energy
Practical Action - Campaign for international action

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