If you've ever traveled for any length of time, you may at some point have started asking yourself why you left your comfortable life back home... for - this!

It might feel like homesickness, fear of unpalatable foods, loneliness, lack of energy... but it's probably travel burnout, which can manifest itself in a number of ways.

I've had travel burnout before. I remember waking up in a cheap and nasty hotel room in the middle of nowhere once asking myself why, oh why, was I not back home, with my friends and family?

Because I love travel, that's why! So I did something about it. Read on for my 6 Ways to Beat Travel Burnout.

Women on the Road News: Contents for Issue #11

  • 6 Ways to Beat Travel Burnout
  • What's New on the Website
  • Scouring the Web for Women on the Road
  • Cause of the Month: Help Trip Advisor Give Away $1m

6 Ways to Beat Travel Burnout

1. Slow down. Or speed up.
In other words, change your pace. If you're fed up with buses and bush taxis, slow down for a week or two. If you've been lolling on the sand, pick up that pace a bit and hop on the bus.

2. Go North - or South.
Change directions. Throw out your plan and start a new one. Too much rice? Head for a bread or potatoes country. You know what I mean.

3. Get outside.
Literally. So much of our time is spent on public transport, in cheap hotel rooms, in restaurants... in other words, indoors. Or in contrived surroundings. So get outside. Go for a hike. Climb a mountain, swim under a waterfall, run along the sand.

4. Grow roots.
This time, not literally! When I get burned out, I set down roots. I stop traveling for a few months and settle down. Get to know a city well. Make friends. Become a normal person again. Only for a little while...

5. Write.
That's right. Write about how you feel. Get it on paper (or screen) and out of your head. You'd be amazed at how effective this is. Allowing negative thoughts to crowd your thinking simply allows them to grow.

6. Volunteer.
Walk into an NGO or an orphanage and ask if you can help out for a few days. Your self-pity and feelings of woe will start to fade as you get out of yourself and start thinking of those more needy than you are.

What's New on the Website

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Cause of the Month: Help Trip Advisor Give Away US$1 million

Usually I like to help small groups and individual projects that you often don't hear about. But I couldn't resist this one! Trip Advisor, the travel review website, is giving away $1 million - and they need help in deciding who will be the lucky recipient.

You've got a choice of five groups:

You can only vote for one group - and the money will be divided among the organizations, based on the percentage of total votes received. The voting ends on 9 November! Vote here.

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