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Dreaming of solo travel? Tired of everyone saying you shouldn't?

If you're ready to travel on your own, welcome to Women on the Road, your go-to resource for female solo travel.

This website will give you everything you need to travel...

  • smart: the tools you need to prepare your trip and advice on how to afford it
  • safe: inspiration to build your confidence and take care of yourself
  • solo: inspiration to keep you going when you flag

Where to start?

Let me guide you through this massive resource, which I've been building and updating since 2007!

If this is your first visit here and you can't decide where to go
Look around my travel destinations page and get a few ideas.

If you've already started planning your trip 
travel resources page is where you'll find all the good 'how-to' stuff, the checklists and practical tips on how to travel better.  

If you don't know what to take with you
This travel packing list will help you get organized.

If you need to buy a thing or two before you go
The Travel Shop for Women covers all your travel needs.

If you're in need of some travel inspiration
Stroll on over to theWomen's Travel Bookstore for some great reading, or to my blog, where I write stories about my own travels.

If you're just plain curious
Find out how I ended up traveling around the world for more than three years - when I'd only planned to be gone six months. (Hint: I'm not good at math.)  

Looking for something specific?
Use the Search box at the bottom of this page (and of every page) or click around the navigation at the top.

Free travel information
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Women on the Road has been helping women travel independently, on their own terms, since 2007.

Solo TravelSometimes, a girl's just gotta hit the road (Wikimedia Commons)

Still can't decide where to start?

Why not explore these pages - they're some of the most popular with other solo women travelers! 

How Solo Travel Changes You
How to Stay in a Monastery
Learning to Enjoy Solo Dining
17 Ways to Avoid Paying a Single Supplement
Indispensable Travel Accessories for Women: Your Complete Guide
How to Visit Any City in One Day 
Keeping Your Hotel Room Safe
How to Find Very Cheap International Flights
How to Choose Your Travel Destinations
Why You Absolutely Positively Need Travel Insurance
Diva Cup or Tampon?

This website is written by women for women - because women travel differently than men. We have more safety needs, different health issues, and often, other interests.

And no, I don't think you're crazy for wanting to travel solo. In fact, I'll show you how. I do it all the time and have been since the age of 15.

So please, dive right in. Click around, read what you need, and ask questions - I'm here to help!

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Solo Travel Resource for Women

Hello! I'm Leyla and I run Women on the Road to provide you with the best information, inspiration and advice on seeing the world solo.

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