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Using Prepaid Credit Cards for Travel

Beat the foreign currency blues by carrying prepaid credit cards - and avoid ATM fraud too/

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What Every Woman Should Know About Travel to Italy

Women on the Road's Mini-Travel Guides for Women are all about female travel. In this case, travel to Italy - what you should know, what you can ignore, and the truth in-between.

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Morocco Travel for Women

If you're a woman traveling independently, the idea of Morocco travel might be scary – but it might also be wrong. Get a woman traveler’s take here.

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The Pros and Cons of Slum Tourism

Slum tourism - is it plain crass voyeurism or is it enlightened tourism?

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What Every Woman Should Know About Taking a South Africa Vacation

Better infrastructure and amazing diversity means you're just in time to take a South Africa vacation: here's what you need to know.

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When Should You Dress Like a Local?

It's often suggested that you dress like a local when you travel - but it's not always wise. Find out when you can - and when you shouldn't.

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A Historical Afternoon at the House of Sharing

A couple of months ago I spent the afternoon at the House of Sharing learning more about Japan's use of women during World War II. Located south of Seoul

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The Making of Travel New Year Resolutions

Making travel New Year resolutions - or any resolutions - requires some thought and planning. There are ways to making them, and keeping them.

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The Travel Mosquito Net

Avoid small bites that have big consequences. Travel with a mosquito net if you're headed for Africa, Latin America or Asia.

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Flashpacking, the Stylish Side of Backpacking

Flashpacking - it’s backpacking with flash, with style and panache. Backpacking yes, but with cool hardware and a bit of luxury thrown in.

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The Best Travel Forums

When researching your travels the best travel forums online can help you by crowdsourcing information.

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Voluntourism, Where Volunteering and Tourism Meet

Signing up for voluntourism? Here are the essential questions to ask before you sign up.

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Ginger and Generosity

South Korea is known for many healthy foods: kimchi, rice and seaweed to name a few. However, ginger is one health item that is often overlooked. Ginger

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Food Tourism and Culinary Travel

How to get the most out of your food tourism experience if experiencing a country's foods is one of the main reasons you travel.

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Cultural Differences

Cultural differences - don't let them get you into trouble when you travel!

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Why Cultural Etiquette Matters

Why cultural etiquette is important to travelers, especially to women traveling solo.

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A Real Education

It was sometime after dark when I stepped off the train in Pamplona, Spain. Somewhere during the 4-hour journey between Barcelona and Pamplona I had completely

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Travel Art

Did you know travel art can teach you plenty about a destination? Find out how art - in the street or on the walls - can tell you about a place and its people.

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The Ethics of International Volunteering

International volunteering is a worthwhile activity - but only if you do it right. Become aware of the ethics surrounding volunteers and make an even larger contribution.

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Women Travel with Disabilities

Travel with disabilities is a challenge but, according to expert Candy Harrington, one that can be overcome with the right preparation.

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Travel Resources for Solo Women Travelers

Are you a woman heading off to see the world? These travel resources should be your first stop.

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Overseas Jobs for Women Who Travel

If you're traveling for a few months or more, overseas jobs might stretch your travel dollars and help travel longer.

Continue reading "Overseas Jobs for Women Who Travel"

Keeping a Travel Journal

Keeping a travel journal the traditional way - with pen and paper - can still a wonderful way to preserving those memories long after you've come home

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The Pros and Cons of Organized Tours

Solo travelers often avoid organized tours because... it's about being solo, right? Sometimes though, a tour is the perfect way to travel.

Continue reading "The Pros and Cons of Organized Tours"

Best Time to Visit the World

When is the best time to visit a destination? When it's neither too hot nor too cold, too wet nor too dry? When the air is crisp and clear and the colors bright enough to touch?

Continue reading "Best Time to Visit the World"

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