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The Benefits of Slow Travel

Even if your vacation is short you can intensify your travels and experience the benefits of slow travel.

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To Jean or Not to Jean? How to Choose the Pefect Travel Pants for Women

Travel pants - or the pros and cons of traveling in jeans.

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The Art of Choosing Travel Handbags You Will Actually Use

There are millions of travel handbags - but not all are suitable for real travel. Find out why.

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Raise a glass to Sardinia

The church bells pealing in the distance suddenly merge with jangling, fast approaching bells. Confused by the cracking heat, I scan the horizon. Rough

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How to Plan Your Travel Budget

Advice from experienced travelers on how to plan and calculate your travel budget before you go.

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How to Visit Any City in One Day

Even if you only have 24 hours, you can see a lot of a city in one day: here are tools and resources for a perfect stopover.

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Brazil Tourism: A Woman's Guide

If you're a woman considering Brazil tourism, you've probably heard it's unsafe and not a great destination. That's not exactly true.

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Graffiti Street Art - Love It or Hate It?

Graffiti street art is graffiti for some, street art for others, and often more complex than a few bits of spray on a wall. Find out what it's all about.

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Natural Disaster Survival When You Travel

Tsunamis and earthquakes aren't the first thing you think about when you travel but if you're headed to a danger zone, think of preparing for natural disaster survival.

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How to Travel When Broke

Just because you have less money doesn't mean you can't travel when broke. Find out how to keep spending down and get around the high cost of travel.

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Women Travel with Disabilities

Travel with disabilities is a challenge but, according to expert Candy Harrington, one that can be overcome with the right preparation.

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Empowerment Through Travel: 10 Ways

Empowerment through travel means using travel as a method of self-improvement. Here are 10 ways travel can empower you.

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6 Things to Know While Traveling in South Korea

South Korea may not always be on a traveler's bucket list, but once you step inside this remarkable country, you'll be wondering why you didn't visit sooner!

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Mt Arunachala, Thiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu, India

Sacred to Shaivites and other Hindus (as well as other pilgrims seeking something sacred), it is said to be the heart-abode of Shiva. It's an extinct

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Tikal, Guatemala

When I visited Tikal, (after a mission trip to bring clean water to a town in Guatemala), I was sitting at the top of a pyramid with about 30 other people,

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Using Prepaid Credit Cards for Travel

Beat the foreign currency blues by carrying prepaid credit cards - and avoid ATM fraud too/

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What Every Woman Should Know About Travel to Italy

Women on the Road's Mini-Travel Guides for Women are all about female travel. In this case, travel to Italy - what you should know, what you can ignore, and the truth in-between.

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Morocco Travel for Women

If you're a woman traveling independently, the idea of Morocco travel might be scary – but it might also be wrong. Get a woman traveler’s take here.

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The Pros and Cons of Slum Tourism

Slum tourism - is it plain crass voyeurism or is it enlightened tourism?

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What Every Woman Should Know About Taking a South Africa Vacation

Better infrastructure and amazing diversity means you're just in time to take a South Africa vacation: here's what you need to know.

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When Should You Dress Like a Local?

It's often suggested that you dress like a local when you travel - but it's not always wise. Find out when you can - and when you shouldn't.

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A Historical Afternoon at the House of Sharing

A couple of months ago I spent the afternoon at the House of Sharing learning more about Japan's use of women during World War II. Located south of Seoul

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The Making of Travel New Year Resolutions

Making travel New Year resolutions - or any resolutions - requires some thought and planning. There are ways to making them, and keeping them.

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The Travel Mosquito Net

Avoid small bites that have big consequences. Travel with a mosquito net if you're headed for Africa, Latin America or Asia.

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Flashpacking, the Stylish Side of Backpacking

Flashpacking - it’s backpacking with flash, with style and panache. Backpacking yes, but with cool hardware and a bit of luxury thrown in.

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