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Where can I find a travel companion for an African Adventure?

by Bronwen
(Cape Town, South Africa)

I am looking for a female travel companion over the age of 60 to accompany me on a road trip from Cape Town to the Caprivi Strip (Namibia), Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique and return to Cape Town via KZN and the Garden Route to Cape Town. The journey will be +/- 6 weeks commencing 24th June 2011. The first section to Zim (Mana Pools) will be camping and thereafter will be chalets. I am driving my own vehicle and require a co-driver.

Answer: The first thing to do, Bronwen, is to look at my page on finding female travel companions.

A few more resources I haven't mentioned that you could try include Travel Chums (about 15% of their members are in your age range), Companions2Travel (paying site), and Travel For Solos.

And in case you haven't done it yet, you could put an ad up on Gumtree, which is South Africa-specific.

I hope you'll find someone - it sounds like a great trip! Botswana and Namibia are two countries I've never been to and would love to visit! I'm visiting South Africa in June but won't get further afield than Durban and Jo'Burg this time. No matter - I'm thrilled to be back after a four-year absence. Good luck with your travel companion hunt!

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Apr 30, 2011
I'm interested
by: Terrie

I am a 64 year old Australian woman who would be extremely interested in this sojourn. My daughter and her family live in Durban, so am always looking for an excuse to go to SA and make the most of the trip. In Oz I own a small self-contained campervan, so am used to this kind of travel. I can be contacted for further discussion by email at


Oct 22, 2014
Find a travel companion in Kenya.
by: Rosemary

It is wonderful to get free travel updates just for women. I just stumbled on this website and got curious. I am very happy with the information i have found. well done.

I am a 51 years old, Kenyan Lady living in Kenya. Many a time, i have found myself in the same predicament as that of the other participants above.
After being in a marriage for over 20years and settling down to routine life of raising children and occasionally traveling as a family, i found it challenging to travel alone. I still do.

Many times i have felt like getting away for a few days or weeks but felt that sinking feeling that i will be alone, travel alone, eat alone, etc.
I would like to visit other places other than Kenya, but i do not have any contacts. I would also like to form contacts with other women traveling to Kenya or East Africa, who i can travel with regionally, make friends, show around or even host and share a moment.
I am Mature, a christian and trust worthy.
Thank you for the information. I will check out the websites you have provided.
It is a noble thing to empower fellow women. KEEP IT UP.

Oct 22, 2014
You can do it!
by: Leyla

Rosemary, thanks for writing... Have you ever considered couchsurfing or something similar? That would bring foreign travelers to your home and vice versa - you can stay quite safe by hosting only single women for example... go have a look at this page to get some ideas... here's hoping you make your travel dreams come true!

Feb 05, 2015
by: Nadia

What a wonderful site. I too dream of travelling in the next 5 years or so, but the mere thought of being alone in a foreign country make me rethink my ides. I would love to travel to Asia and Greece, Italy, France, Spain... the list is quite long.
I will be 50 this year and would love to hook up with another female to plan a 2 week vacation!

Feb 06, 2015
Try this page to find travel partners!
by: Leyla

Nadia, although I love traveling solo I understand it's not for everyone. Just checking that you've seen my page on female travel companions, just in case!

Apr 22, 2015
seek travel companion
by: Lily Ho

Hi, I am female from Singapore age 59. Reasonably well travelled but have difficulty finding a roommate to share cost for package tour. Since package tours cater mainly for twin sharing basis, solo travellers pay quite a hefty premium when joining such package tours. Have been surfing the internet for solution but most sites are from countries like USA or UK. Although made some enquiries, none responded. I wish there would be a site whereby travellers from all over the world fly to location to meet and travel as a group. That would be wonderful.

Jan 05, 2016
Another place to find female travel buddies
by: Emma


Can I recommend Thelma and Louise Club too? Disclaimer: I work for them, but that means I can vouch for the fact that many of their members are in your age bracket. It's free to join:

Hope that's useful!


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Where can I find young senior women travel companions in the US?

by Deanne Pfiffner
(Westminster/Broomfield Co US)

I would just like female companions to spend time and share hotel expenses to travel in Las Vegas, beach destinations, or United States fun destinations site seeing to not so far destinations. I have spent much time caregiving my female relatives which have all passed away now and I'm now totaly lost for some one on one female friends to talk, shop, just eat out....or see a chic flix movie ocassionally with here at home in good ole Colorado USA. Senior Center social activites haven't been very helpful in finding that kind of friendship as usually those are planned group trips with ladies having gone there for years and seem to have their own established friends.(Where as I had so many female relative friends.) I'm 68, Christian, and married 48 years.

Answer: It's amazing how often this type of question comes up - and how often women are looking for other women to travel with. So first, let me point you towards a few answers I recently provided for Susan, who asked about finding adventurous travel companions, and Gloria, who wanted to know about buddy systems.

You might also find a few tips on my female travel companions page. Good luck Deanne! I know there are lots of women out there looking for fellow travelers!

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What sources do you have for finding a travel companion?

by Susan

I have always preferred independent (self-planned, unpackaged) travel but since I became a widow I have missed having company at least part of the time. Because I am not gay many of the women-only travel groups don't fit my style. How can I best find an independent straight mature woman to share independent adventurous travel?

Answer: A good place to find women to travel with you is to advertise on the basic travel forums - it's free and you can post the same query on several boards. You should definitely try Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree and BootsNAll, and use Google to search for "travel forums" that have a companions' or a women's thread.

For additional information and travel groups, have a look at Female Travel Companions.

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Is there a buddy system to find travel partners?

by Gloria

Do you know of any indiviuals/groups that "buddy up" to travel together? I am interested in visiting Washington State but don't have any one to travel with.

Answer: Sometimes women would rather not travel solo and when that's the case, finding a travel buddy is a good option. There are plenty of female travel companions to be had, if that's what you want. Another good place to look for any travel companions is on one of the web's best travel forums, most of which have some kind of travel matching thread.

There are also many specialized services or websites that are designed only or mostly to help people find someone with whom to travel. I'm thinking of TravBuddy, Travel Friend US, Solo Traveller or Travelers Meeting, just to name a few - there are plenty more. And lets not forget the ever-popular Craigslist - just look for your city and check the personals.

Some of these sites are designed to find you travel companions inside the US, while others might match you up with foreigners coming to the US, which could be fun too!

Another good way to find a travel buddy is by checking bulletin boards in universities and youth hostels - because that's where the greatest concentration of young travelers will be.

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May 12, 2016
Travelling and Bonding
by: koh

Travelling brings out a person's character more than just having a coffee over a meeting.

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