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Vaishnodevi Pilgrimage

by Puja
(Easton MA, USA)

Vaishnudevi is a pilgrimage in Jammu, India. I went there to pray to Mother Goddess. It is in the hills at a height of around 6000 feet above sea level and has difficult terrain.

But the strength that Ma (God) gives to devotees really makes it easy to pass through the terrain so easily that one does not realize how tough it was. I went in a group of devotees. We all were chanting "Jai Mata Di" which means "We all bow to Mother Goddess". While I was walking I could sense the power of Mother Goddess. The more I was reaching to her, the stronger the feeling was.

We had to take a bath in the waterfall before we could visit her in the cave. Everyone was wearing red scarfs around their neck and head and singing and dancing for mother goddess. Some were walking on foot with the help of stick, some were on the shoulders of men whose jobs it is to help others to climb the terrain and some were on horseback. Kids were enjoying this walk and liking it.

Once you reach the main sanctorum, you feel you have reached GOD. It’s so pure and powerful, you don’t have control to your feelings and you can sit and meditate there for hours. I went there to make a wish and it got fulfilled. I would love to go again." Jai Mata Di"

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