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Why Make a Beeline for the Unusual Travel Destinations
And Visit Places You Wouldn't Necessarily Consider

Unusual travel destinations do still exist - even if we sometimes think the entire planet has already been visited.

Granted, it is becoming more difficult to find destinations that are off the beaten track but that doesn't mean they aren't there.

You just need a little more imagination, that's all.

Take polar travel: we're so keen on tropical rainforests and beaches, we may not even think of mushing in the Far North, cuddling up in an ice hotel, or riding an icebreaker in the Arctic. Or food tourism: will you set off to Japan to find the best sushi or Buenos Aires for the best steak?

Or ghost tourism, to discover haunted places or search for another dimension.

You could do some movie tourism, by visiting sites in New Zealand where Lord of the Rings was filmed or the familiar movie sights of Venice or Paris.

women solo travelFeatured in the filming of Lord of the Rings
Kiwi Mikex via Flickr CC

Why not another type of star tourism by heading to Scotland or Scandinavia for some star gazing at the Northern Lights?

And while you're gazing upwards, why not gaze further - straight out to space? These days, extraterrestrial travel - or space tourism - has actually become a reality. You may not be able to afford it, but like every new experience, prices may someday come down - if you feel like looking at the world from above, that is.

Back on Earth, disaster tourism - where people flock to the sites of floods, hurricanes or other natural disasters - is becoming increasingly popular. So is dark tourism, when people visit sites somehow linked to grief or death - like World War II's concentration camps.

Similarly, movies like Slumdog Millionaire have made visiting poor areas the next best thing - whether it's slum tourism in Mumbai, in the favelas of Rio or in the townships of Johannesburg. For women yearning for extreme experiences, there are always the world's most dangerous places.

They may have already been explored in-depth, but if you're looking for something different, the world is still full of unusual travel destinations. You'll just have to plan more carefully, and think through the implications of where you want to go.

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