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Travel Tips: Money Can Last Longer Than You Think!

Travel tips on money savings are always useful - the more money you save, the longer you'll be able to stay on the road.

Travel doesn't have to be expensive. On the contrary, in some parts of the world it can be downright cheap.

Here are some of my favorite travel tips on money saving - my own and those of fellow travellers:

  • Before you leave, check if travel passes exist where you're going (rail, air, boat). You usually have to buy these before you leave.
  • See what discounts you can get. If you're a student or teacher, you can get special discount cards. The same goes for senior citizens, members of certain groups or associations...
  • Find out if you qualify for discount cards - hostel cards, ISIC cards, senior cards - and get them before you go.
  • Check your credit or debit card charges - make sure your card company doesn't overcharge for withdrawals abroad.
  • Develop a budget for the week - and try to live within its means. And write down what you spend.
  • Stay longer. You can often negotiate a cheaper room rate if you're staying more than a couple of nights.
  • Always make sure your hostel has a kitchen - and use it!
  • Shop at a local supermarket or better yet, at a local market. Don't go to restaurants unless they're cheaper than your homemade fare.
  • Roughing it means you can take a portable stove with you. This too will save you money on food.
  • Don't drink or smoke - easier said than done perhaps but you can travel days in many countries for the cost of a two-pack-a-day habit and a few drinks at the pub.
  • Take a local rather than a 'tourist' bus or a taxi. Even better, stay in shape andwalk!
  • Travel at night. Sleeping on a train or bus will save you a night in the hostel.
  • Share a room with a fellow traveler when you can. In most countries, the cost of the room doesn't change if there are two of you. Even if it does, your share will still be cheaper than a single room. Just wait at the reception and when another woman checks in, ask if you can share to save money. You'll often get a 'yes'!
  • Look for shared rides or rooms on your hostel's bulletin board. Buy used goods - if you're heading into the mountains for a few days, a cheap sweater will do the trick.
  • Sell your own goods once you're done with them. There's always a market for camping gear, used tools...
  • Don't buy new books - trade them with other backpackers. Many hostels have shelves for book exchanges. Otherwise sell your book to a second-hand bookshop - and buy your next read.
  • Make some money - by finding work!
  • And finally - stay legal. Fines cost money, not to mention possible prison sentences and other unpleasant things.