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Travel Interviews: Wandering Women

Every woman travels for a different reason and these travel interviews show the range of their journeys, from traveling for a living to simply traveling for... love. 

On a ferry, soloA journey can have many reasons, all equally good

Why do some women set off to see the world? What have they accomplished as a result?

I've always wanted to interview other women travelers - probably because of my own journalism background.

Please Note: Most of these women were interviewed between 2008-2011 so this section is an archive. Their motivations and feelings, though, remain timeless.

Knowing what these women think and feel and why they write and travel may also help you understand your own wanderlust better and develop the artistic nomad - or is it the nomadic artist - within you. 

If you know anyone who should be interviewed, leave a comment below, or please email me

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