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Choosing the Right Travel Bras
Avoiding the bounce

You'll have to wear this bra when it's sweaty, dirty, hot and clammy. Unlike travel underwear you may not be able to wash your bra each day because they take longer to dry. So you may have to wear one for several days.

Imagine hiking through a rainforest for days or spending 72 hours cramped on a transcontinental train ride. It's bad enough without having to twist and turn your torso trying to find a bit of comfort.

What should you look for in a travel bra?

  • sturdiness and strength -you'll be wearing it a lot and it needs to make the grade
  • appropriate cup size - however large or small you are, you need something that will fit you properly rather than a one size fits all
  • good support to keep you from bouncing - remember you'll be walking a lot, sometimes quickly
  • wide and comfortable straps, nothing too thin that bites into your shoulder or collarbone
  • enough strong hooks - you want it to stay put once it's on
  • suitable for travel, like anti-microbial properties
  • if it's made of wicking materials it will keep you dry longer - meaning you have to wash it less often

Whatever bra you've been wearing at home may have to stay at home. Of course you won't really know until you have a massive try-on session but in my opinion, there's only one kind of bra you can wear on the road and that's a sports bra.

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