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Travel Book Reviews
by Suroor Alikhan

Travel book reviews are necessary, because there's probably a new travel book published every five minutes. And we can't read them all, so someone has to do it - and tell us about the best.

Travel Book Reviews

In our case, that someone is Suroor Alikhan, whose love of reading and international background (of Indian origin, a childhood in Chile and now lives in Geneva) makes her the perfect choice to review books for traveling women.

"Ever since I realized that words opened up pathways to different worlds, I have been an avid and voracious reader," Suroor said. 

To make finding every review easier, they've been broken up into continents:

Everywhere else

Books in these pages are women-centered - not all written by women but certainly woman-friendly.

Travel writing has long been a genre dominated by male writers but there are plenty of fantastic women travel writers, or books about women travelers out there. This is an attempt to raise their profile and show off some of the wonderful work being undertaken by us.

Suroor Alikhan, the official travel book reviewer for Women on the Road, manages a multi-author blog called Talking about Books. She also enjoys good food, music, movies and of course travel.

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