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Taxi Scam in Montenegro

by Polly Mason
(La Mesa, CA USA)

I hired a taxi from the train station to my hotel in Montenegro. On arrival, I offered the driver 10 euros for a 6 euro fare. (I had every intention of tipping him for unloading my bag and placing it inside the entry.) He shrugged and looked quite chagrined and said "no change." I told him to wait, and I entered the hotel to see if someone could make change. On my return, I asked if he had 3 euros. Again a shrug and "no change." So, I shrugged, put the money in my pocket and said, no change."

Doubt he learned anything, but I did!

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The Old 'Out Of Gas' Ploy!

by Joseph Murphy McMillan

When I and my family went to Washington, D.C., as we were about to enter our hotel, a reasonably decent looking fellow came quickly up to us, and, smiling pleasantly, told us he had run out of gas and needed just a few dollars to fill a gas can. My mother, being a nice person, gave him the money.

I, however, was skeptical. He thanked us and went off on his way. When we were later leaving the hotel, I saw him across the street pulling the same scam on another group of people. I shouted to them that he was a con-man and he tried to laugh it off but I got my point across and he had to abandon that particular scam. I have since been approached with the same scam a few times but obviously they got nothing out of me and now they should get nothing from you!

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Changing Tickets in Vietnam

by Sandra

We bought tickets for the sleeping bus overnight. When the bus stopped in Na Thrang we were asked to give the tickets to the man of the tourist/bus organisation. Some minutes later before travellers from Na Thrang were asked to get into the bus the man showed us a ticket and said that we did not buy a sleeping bus ticket and had to leave the bus. I was very angry and did not agree. My boyfriend went in the office and as they did not compromise on costs or arranged any other transport or accommodation we did not agree. We showed the booking receipt (we were lucky to have this) and said that they were wrong and we were staying in the bus.

Afterwards the guy said it was ok but then the bus again stopped and a woman from the agency entered the bus, this time with a ticket for one person and told us that it was our ticket. She was really shouting and wanted to get our receipt when we strongly avoided this the bus then started driving again and we travelled to Hoi An overnight without any problems. We are almost sure that somewhere in Na Thrang people were waiting for the bus that night that never arrived...

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Car Rental Crook in Orlando?

by Irene Pretorius
(Pretoria, South Africa)

After an 18 hour flight from South Africa to Orlando we picked up our car from the rental company which we booked in advance. The friendly, efficient clerk told us that they had a special deal with our SA service provider and we could upgrade, at no extra cost, to an SUV which we gladly accepted. He also offered us a GPS for free. On returning the vehicle 2 weeks later we were charged for all of the above and of course the crooked clerk wasn't at work that day - his manager refused to listen to our problem and arrogantly showed us where we had signed for the additional cost on the contract! Never sign anything before reading it!!!

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