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Have you ever Dreamed of
Backpacking Around the World?

image aligned leftIndependent travel and backpacking isn't just for men, yet on most sites we women are lucky if we get a small section halfway through just for ourselves!
But we're different!

We need to be more careful at night, we have to fight off more unwanted attention, or travel may just be more challenging for us.

Why am I telling you this? Because I've been around the world several times and I still haven't had enough. My latest trip at the age of 43 was supposed to be for a few months - but I was gone three years!

Would I do it again? Absolutely!left-img

Would I do it differently? Absolutely!

Let me show you how any woman, of any age, can hit the road - and love every minute.

Are you a woman...

  • Who needs a fresh start?
  • Who wants a career break?
  • Who is suddenly single?
  • Who needs to get away on her own for a while?
  • Trying to gain strength or independence?
  • Who wants to prove she can do it?
  • Who wants to see beyond the tour groups and souvenir shops?
  • Seeking a spiritual experience?
  • Or a woman who simply likes adventure?

Whatever your reasons, if you yearn to travel far and wide, this website is for you!

Find out how to:

  • Plan a route
  • Choose the best equipment
  • Shop for electronic gear - to iPod or not to iPod
  • Take wonderful photographs even if all you can do is point and shoot
  • Stay in touch with friends and family
  • Make money along the way
  • Keep a journal
  • Learn the art of doing nothing
  • Make friends and keep them
  • Stay as safe as possible
  • Experience wonderful and not-so-wonderful foods and drinks
  • Apply first aid when no one is around
  • Deal with loneliness when it hits
  • How to get from one place to another in one piece
  • Find the best sources of travel information
  • And so much more!

When I started to backpack I had little guidance that was specifically aimed at women. We were just a page or two in the guidebooks.

Women on the Road is a site written by and for women:

  • Women who are young, older, independent, adventurous, shy, timid, intrepid, insecure, afraid, professional, student, straight, gay, grandmothers and granddaughters

  • Women who believe, know, suspect or just hope they can make it on their own, for a few weeks, months, or yes, even years.

I was terribly insecure when I first started backpacking: I had no guidance, no lists, no real plan, and very little money. I just trusted things would go well. They did - but they might not have.

Today I know better and I'd like to share that knowledge with you - that, and my love of 'the road'.

Are you planning to travel?

Get free monthly travel tips just for women, and download a free copy of my Bare Minimum Packing List to learn to pack like a pro!

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The ultimate First Aid Kit Checklist. Find out what you can't afford to be without!

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This is a site for all women on the road.

I hope each of you finds something she needs here. Let me know if you don't and I'll try to fix that! This should be your site, your go-to source for that wild and wonderful backpacking experience!

Why do Women Travel?
There are as many reasons women travel as there are women. Check your own motivations - why do YOU want to leave home?

Solo Travel for Women
How safe is solo travel for women? Will I be lonely? What is the safest destination? How do I meet people? Let me share a few tried and true answers from my own years of solo travel.

Travel Destinations
With so many places to visit, how do you choose a travel destination? Let me show you some easy ways to go about developing your travel itinerary.

Backpacking Europe
If you're a first-time traveler or still shy about solo travel, backpacking Europe is an ideal destination (even if you're not a beginner, actually!)

Safe Travel for Women
Don't be intimidated by dangers on the road - safe travel for women does exist. All it takes is a bit of preparation and a dash of common sense.

Backpacking Gear
What to take may be one of the most important travel decisions you make. How do you decide what you really need? How do you choose when there's so much on the market? See the pros and cons of what to buy, and what to take along.

Cheap Ways to Travel
We are spoilt for choice when it comes to cheap ways to travel: low-cost airlines, train passes, local buses, ride sharing, cycling, or even old-fashioned hitchhiking. How can you save money as you travel?

Budget Hostel Accommodation
Women on the road look for safety, cleanliness and friendliness for overnight stays. There are plenty of places that fit that bill - some of them so cheap they are actually free.

Travel Money
You can carry your travel money in may ways - cash, travelers checks, cards... or a combination. Find out what works best and how to safeguard your money on the road.

Women's Travel Clothing
Choosing the right clothes can make or break your trip - imagine spending weeks in tight, uncomfortable and sweaty clothing! Find out what to look for when buying your travel wardrobe.

Health Information for Travel
The perfect health planning guide for women: everything you need to know before leaving on your dream voyage.

Travel Planning
The perfect travel planning guide for women: everything you need to know about staying healthy before leaving on your dream voyage.

Overseas Jobs
There are plenty of overseas jobs for women on the road. They may not pay as much as jobs back home but they will keep you traveling. Don't let lack of funds be the reason you turn back early!

Teaching English Abroad
Use your native English skills or teaching experience to find a job teaching English abroad - while you're on the road.

Volunteer Abroad
Here's you're chance to put something back into society as you travel. Become a volunteer abroad - from a week to a year or more.

Unusual Travel Destinations
If you think you've been everywhere, seen everything, think again. Some places will still be new to you - and you'll see others through different eyes.

Ethical Travel
Most of us want to practice ethical travel but we often don't know the rules. It's simple: put the shoe on the other foot. How would you want people to behave when they visit your country?

Pilgrimage Routes
Women haven't always crowded the world's pilgrimage routes - in fact, they were downright rare. But all that has changed and today, women relish their pilgrimages, whatever their faith or interest.

Keep in Touch
Keep in touch with your family and friends while you're on the road - use new technologies or do it the old-fashioned way!

Going Solo: Life on the Road
Most of us who travel going solo for extended periods do it because we love it - but that doesn't mean we don't miss things or find certain moments painful. It's all part of life on the road.

You Too Can Become a Travel Writer
Many of us started with a love of travel and a desire to write. Everything else came later - and it can for you too. Learn to turn your travels into money and help pay your way as you go.

Travel Interviews
The world of women travel bloggers and writers is growing. Explore interviews with talented women who travel for a living, or who simply love to travel.

Best Travel Books
The best travel books aren't always written by men - despite what many booklists would have us believe.

Share Your Travel Stories!
Do you have a solo travel story to share? Women on the Road would love to hear from you!

Build Your Own Site
Have you ever wondered whether you too could have your own website? It's not as hard as you think. After all, a non-techie like myself managed to build this website. You can too.

And when I don't travel or build websites, I live in France, work on renovating my farmhouse and play with my Siamese cats!