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Summer 2012: Traveling as a Woman Alone

by Marta Kubile
(Dülmen, Germany)

It is always fun for me to start a new adventure. I travel without purpose, by hitch hiking, because in this way there are no restrictions. Anything can happen, of course, also bad experiences, but you have to be able to take on the risk if you want to get lost in the whole wide world and follow the flow. This is at first terrifying, but once you start doing it, turns out so far it's the best feeling I have known.

This summer I was 1700 km from home, travelling around West Germany and Austria. These places are somehow close to my heart, the peaceful and pleasant culture of German people.

Summer was surprising. I started with hitch hiking in German. I love to try using the language of the country, even if I don’t know it, then I learn a lot. Biggest thing I learnt on my journey is how nice people can be. There is always that fear people are talking about, the danger of travelling alone, as a woman. But the truth is, people are amazing. I even ran out of money and a local person offered me work in an old farm in Austria.

I never know what to expect so had everything in my bag: make-up, shoes, dresses. That is because I like to go out in a new town creating that mysterious girl image, which is there only for one night. Later I met a companion, travelling to mountains, who had more useful things, like: a tent, knife, compass...

We travelled a while together and I must admit, it feels safer once a man is by your side. I mean, it’s not necessary to travel with a man. I would say it is necessary to start travelling on your own, if you are on your own, and then not to be afraid to make friends, especially with men. I spent a lot of time with men on this journey. That was on purpose, to understand them better, because I’m interested in the difference between us. And there is no better way how to do it, than if I’m travelling alone.

I learnt a lot, lots about nature, I made lots of connections with people who seemed so close although so far away from my home.

Unexpected situations like exploring the cliffs near the Czech republic border with my street shoes on and four German guys with standard equipment.

I would never quit my travelling because of the things I experience, and I think no woman should hold herself back because she is a woman. Because women have intuition, and if they follow it and keep away from trouble, everything should be a nice experience. :)

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