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FAQ - Solo Travel Questions

If you're thinking of solo travel or know someone who is... you've probably got plenty of questions!

  • How safe is a certain country?
  • Is it all right for a woman (yourself - but also your daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, partner, friend...) to travel solo?
  • What should you pack?
  • Should you travel with someone else part of the time?
  • What happens to your relationship back home while you travel?
  • Are you too old to travel on your own? Too young?
  • What are the best places for solo women travelers?
  • How dangerous is a certain country for solo women?

For a quick and short answer, please visit the Women on the Road Facebook page. I answer questions posted on Facebook as quickly as I can (unless I'm out of wifi range).

Otherwise - SEE BELOW! Your question may have been asked and answered already.

I don't answer questions on places to stay, or on specific jobs or activities. For recommendations on places to stay or visit, try Trip Advisor or one of the web's best travel forums to post your question. If you're looking for work or volunteer opportunities abroad, great resources include such sites as Transitions Abroad or Idealist, for example.