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Travel Packing List for Women

My ridiculously practical women's travel packing list - if you're going away for more than a weekend.

Continue reading "Travel Packing List for Women"

Women's Travel Hats: Back in Style?

Women's travel hats - all hats - are making a comeback, not only because they're useful (they are) but... they look cool.

Continue reading "Women's Travel Hats: Back in Style?"

Are Travelers' Checks... Dead?

Once upon a time, you would never leave home without them. Now, although still occasionally used, you'll be hard-pressed to even find someone to cash them.

Continue reading "Are Travelers' Checks... Dead?"

How Do You Tell Your Friends and Family... you're off to see the world, solo?

A woman alone? Traveling to far-off places? How do you tell your friends, and will they be thrilled? Jealous? Indifferent?

Continue reading "How Do You Tell Your Friends and Family... you're off to see the world, solo?"

Why Travel to Dangerous Places?

Travel to dangerous places is not a great idea but if you must, at least think it through and take some basic precautions.

Continue reading "Why Travel to Dangerous Places?"

Solo Travel for Women

16 ways solo travel will change the way you see yourself - and the world.

Continue reading "Solo Travel for Women"

How to Choose the Best Flashlight for Travel

Why you should always travel with a flashlight - and how to choose the best flashlight around.

Continue reading "How to Choose the Best Flashlight for Travel"

Women's Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are essential for certain types of travel: do you need to take a pair with you?

Continue reading "Women's Hiking Boots "

The Making of Travel New Year Resolutions

When winter solstice rolls around and you dream of seeing the world, making travel New Year resolutions might help you get on the road.

Continue reading "The Making of Travel New Year Resolutions"

50+ of my Best Travel Blogs for Women

50+ of the best travel blogs for women - based on readership and popularity.

Continue reading "50+ of my Best Travel Blogs for Women"

Countdown to Solo Travel

As the day drew near my fears intensified, pushing me into worsening meltdowns. I was afraid of going, yet I was terrified of not being able to go. I

Continue reading "Countdown to Solo Travel"

The Mature Woman Hosteler

Sure, I’d like to stay in a private villa and have my every whim attended to by a handsome houseboy, but my budget doesn’t allow for that. And if I have

Continue reading "The Mature Woman Hosteler"

Whalewatching in BC

How one woman on her own spends her life at sea whalewatching in BC.

Continue reading "Whalewatching in BC"

Out of My Comfort Zone… (from a first time solo traveler)

I’ve been traveling now for 3.5 months as a first-time solo female traveler. Up until now, I’d lived in the same place for thirty years, was married, raised

Continue reading "Out of My Comfort Zone… (from a first time solo traveler)"

My Overseas Job: Teaching English in South Korea for 8 years

I had always wanted to live overseas, and after graduate school teaching abroad was the next step. So, I decided for no particular reason to live in

Continue reading "My Overseas Job: Teaching English in South Korea for 8 years "

Drinking Water Safety When You Travel

Know how to make your drinking water safe, whether you're gone for a week or a year.

Continue reading "Drinking Water Safety When You Travel"

Baby Boomer Travel for Women

Learn how to travel solo: ins't it time you thought of yourself for a change?

Continue reading "Baby Boomer Travel for Women"

A Pilgrimage, or El Camino for Women Traveling Alone

The current resurgence of interest in pilgrimage has brought with it two surprises: firstly, most people walking El Camino outside the peak summer months

Continue reading "A Pilgrimage, or El Camino for Women Traveling Alone"

Paris Scams - Has Anything Changed in 30 Years?

Some things never change, and some scams are the same today as they were years ago. Knowing that makes them easier to spot. I can sympathise with many

Continue reading "Paris Scams - Has Anything Changed in 30 Years?"

Three offbeat USA travel ideas for women

What if you only make an occasional trip to the spa and aren’t a big shopper? I live alone and work to support myself so while I love to travel and experience

Continue reading "Three offbeat USA travel ideas for women"

Road Safety Abroad

How to reduce the danger of bad roads and poor drivers on your travels.

Continue reading "Road Safety Abroad"

The Diva Cup and Its Sisters

Is the Diva cup the female traveler's best friend? Find out why you need it - or something like it.

Continue reading "The Diva Cup and Its Sisters"

How to Learn a Language

How to learn a language when you don't speak a word isn't all that difficult, as long as you don't expect to become fluent. You can easily learn enough to get by on your travels if you try a few of these simple tips.

Continue reading "How to Learn a Language"

Reverse Culture Shock

Culture shock is what you feel when you go abroad - and reverse culture shock is what you experience when you come home after a certain length of time away. The best way to beat it - is to assume you'll feel it and be prepared.

Continue reading "Reverse Culture Shock"

Offtrackbackpacking Interview

How two young women travel the world - interview by Women on the Road.

Continue reading "Offtrackbackpacking Interview"

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