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Dear Friends,

Once in a while I find or develop a product or a report that I think might be of use to you, my visitors. These are completely free of charge and are my way of saying Thank You for visiting Women on the Road!

Each link below will provide you with a special download to help make your solo travel journey more enjoyable. I would appreciate your not sharing these, as they're copyrighted. But if you have friends who might be interested, please send them to my ezine sign-up page and I'll provide them with their own subscription and access.

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Don't worry - the password changes every month and your new password will be included in your subscription to Women on the Road News.

I hope you enjoy these special downloads!

  • Bare Minimum Packing List - if it's not on this list, you probably don't need it!

  • Would you like to become a travel writer but aren't sure where to start? My comrade-in-arms Helen Leggat has written a fantastic guide to travel writing for beginners and she's providing it free of charge to Women on the Road News subscribers. Get your copy of Writing About Travel right away!

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