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My Monastery Stays in Italy

by Debbie Wehking
(Miami, Florida)

View From My Room in Venice

View From My Room in Venice

View From My Room in Venice Top of the Stairs That Go Down the Hill in Cinque Terre My Home in Assisi Sisters Serving Dinner at the Monastery in Assisi

The last time I was in Italy, in 2011, I stayed in four different monasteries. I loved all of them. One was in Venice - my room overlooked a lovely canal, and was a 10 minute walk to the boats of the Grand Canal. I learned that I was expected to leave my room key hanging in the lobby when I was out - that's how they know it's OK to close up at curfew (11:00 P.M). If all the keys are gone, then everyone must be in for the night.

The next one was in Monterossa al Mare in Cinque Terre. The room was bigger than the other places I stayed - almost like a hotel room. It was in a separate building and opened to the outside, so there was no curfew. I still had a lovely view overlooking a hill and the water in the distance. It was within walking distance of the train, but I used a taxi to get there since it was almost at the top of the hill. To walk downhill into town, I was shown how to take a charming stairway that meandered through neighborhood backyards as I made my way down the hill.

The third one was in Assisi. Oh my goodness, what a find! Just up the hill a little ways from the Basilica of St. Francis, the accommodations were modern, the food was excellent (not only breakfast, but dinner too), and the building I was staying in connected with a beautiful stone chapel that was built about the year 1000. So special!

The last one was in Rome, within walking distance of the Vatican. It lacked the views of the others, but was quiet and pleasant.

In all four places the people were warm and welcoming. These wonderful accommodations were a large part of what made my trip special.

I spent a little extra because I booked them through an organization called Monastery Stays. You can find them online. You use the internet to look at hundreds of monasteries available throughout Italy. Then you create your travel plan online and submit it to Monastery Stays. They communicate with the monastery for you. They have the advantage of being in the same time zone and speaking Italian. Once your reservations are confirmed, they email you a confirmation letter. I received one letter for each place I was staying. It was addressed to the monastery, stating I had a reservation for such and such a date, and such and such type of room, for a specific price. Here's the best part - it was written in both Italian and English, so there was no misunderstanding. Often there will be someone at the monastery who speaks English, but not always.

I highly recommend Monastery Stays. Wish I could find something comparable in other countries. Can't wait to do it again!

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Feb 15, 2014
Sounds perfect!
by: Leyla

I can't think of a better place to stay in monasteries than Italy - and it sounds as though you hit the jackpot! I was in Assisi a couple of years ago and can see how staying in a serene monastery up on the hill would be a magnificent experience.

By the way, ladies, click here to get to Monastery Stays.

Feb 15, 2014
Monastery Stays
by: Gwen McCauley

This sounds absolutely delightful. I know that in Quebec, Canada there are a number of convents where this kind of stay is also possible.

I've always wondered what it would be like to sleep in a place where so many have imbued the environment with fervent prayers or such a long time.

You're a lucky traveller to be sure!


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