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Mt. Shasta in Northern California

by Sharron Calvin
(Alamosa, Colorado, USA)

In May 1991, I set out for Mt. Shasta in Northern California on a personal Vision Quest. My main goal for this Vision Quest was to release and transform myself into new beginnings. I also decided to cleanse my body and for 3 days ate only dried fruit and drank water. I chose to go right before the Memorial Holiday and knew I might encounter people, but this window of time turned out perfect. I ended up on a small knoll that according to the topo map was called Mt. Eddy with an awesome view of Mt. Shasta and the lake below it. Coincidently, at the time I was dating a man named Eddy. Therefore, this area felt safe to me.

Upon arrival I set up my purpose circle with the surrounding rocks as well as objects I brought; a purple amethyst crystal rock, a small, black heart-shaped rock, 3 small white shells, a small piece of petrified wood and John’s (my ex’s) measurements on a piece of paper. Keeping in mind the directions of East, West, South, North, Above and Below and in alignment with the view of Mt. Shasta. The intention of the purpose circle was to meditate and cry out for a vision as well as chant, listen and ask for a Medicine Name.

Feeling settled, yet restless, I hiked around the area amidst piles of snow. Towards evening as the stars started to shine and a half moon peeked its head out, I danced around camp and the name Dancing Moonlight came to me as a medicine name. I avoided the circle that night and slept in my truck. The next morning, I lay naked on my tarp and felt as I was being made love to by the sun which energized me to start dancing again with only my boots on. A sense of freedom soared through me! Putting my clothes back on, I started a small fire outside of the circle, lit four white candles, opened up the smudging sticks to light as well and released a prayer around each of the items I brought and buried them within the circle.

Once this was done, I finally quieted myself down and sat in the circle. Opening and closing my eyes several times, the trees and forest in front of me blended into a blur. Sensations penetrated throughout my entire body as I felt my spirit being pulled into myself more and more.

Suddenly, a man’s voice called out, “There is a little boy that needs you”. The wind started whistling loudly through the trees, but I could still hear very clearly the words, “Mommy!”. The voice came from the right side of my camp and throughout my visit on this knoll, strong obscure feelings emanated from that direction. Immediately, I opened my eyes and looked to the right. A man’s face appeared and he had arms that were angel wings. When he opened his wings, a silhouette of a 5 year old, blonde boy appeared. He looked like my Godson, Ronal. I just stared, feeling only love. Wondering what it meant. Was this to be a child of mine to come? Or someone who needs me right now? The vision slowly cleared and only the backdrop of Mt. Shasta and the lake were in sight.

Ronal is now a 26 year old man and has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. He is taken care of by the state and perhaps this was a sign to let me know that he would always be taken care of.

And interestingly enough, the next morning when I started to disassemble the circle, a tiny shoot of a pine tree was growing in the middle. The sacred shows up in many ways. We just have to be present to experience the wonders of our universe.

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