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Money Saving Travel Tips 
Taking the first steps to save for your dream trip

One of the greatest challenges for women who travel is putting the money aside: these money saving travel tips may help your master plan get off the ground.

Unless you have plenty of funds, you will probably have to make some sacrifices if you want to go away for any length of time. But if you want to travel badly enough, you can do it.

To my mind, there are only four real ways to plan for a trip.

Money Saving Travel Tips 1: Earn Extra Money

  • the obvious first - get a second, or a third job
  • do some freelancing on the side in your profession
  • teach classes of something you know: English to non-English speakers, another language, knitting, cooking
  • practice a healing art if you're qualified: massages or soft therapies
  • simple jobs - babysitting, pet walking, bartending, personal shopping
  • work overtime if you can
  • sell things on eBay

Money Saving Travel Tips 2: Cut Back Expenses

  • quit smoking, or roll your own
  • drink at home rather than going out
  • live with parents and get them to support you for food
  • cut out ALL non-essential spending
  • bring lunch to work
  • buy a cheaper car and cheaper insurance
  • take public transport if you can do without a car
  • get rid of interest rates and pay off credit card debt
  • put your latte money into your travel fund
  • don't eat out
  • cut out small but expensive things - lattes, magazine subscriptions
  • cut back on cells, cable, heat

Money Saving Travel Tips 3: Save Every Penny

  • put your small change away into a special box or 'travel jar'
  • change destinations - stay away from the expensive ones
  • make a good financial plan
  • put up a motivation board with pictures
  • write down everything you spend
  • put your travel fund into a high interest account

Money Saving Travel Tips 4: Cut Back Travel

To live cheaply once you're on the road, check out these travel tips on money.

In the end, the best way of saving money to travel is by needing less in the first place. The best way to do that? Work along the way. There are plenty of overseas jobs, from teaching English abroad to employment on cruise ships. Or, why not build your own site and work on it while you travel? Whatever you choose, there are many money-making opportunities out there. Don't let saving money to travel be an obstacle to your wanderlust!