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How to Plan a Solo Trip Without a Hitch
Save money, save time and avoid the mistakes
many solo travel newbies make

Are you feeling daunted and confused by all the planning for your solo trip?

Do you need help sorting it out?

This wonderfully compact, tightly-written ebook called The Art of Solo Travel: A Girl's Guide takes away the confusion and helps you plan everything from start to finish. It's hard to believe author Stephanie Lee has stuffed so much information into this attractive, entertaining and downright fun guide!

It's natural to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the planning - the decision to go, what to do with your job/house/partner, how to tell your friends, counting your pennies, choosing a destination, sorting what to take...

Stephanie's book answers the questions that keep you up at night or prevent you from booking your ticket. It solves problems you didn't even know you had because you've been sitting at home worrying about organizing your trip rather than hitting the road. She'll tell you:

  • How to handle those last-minute jitters
  • What to take, and how many of each
  • How to stay safe while you travel
  • How to save for your trip and how much will it actually cost
  • How to tell your partner you're off to see the world - on your own
  • And even how to deal with coming home.

Here's how it's described: "If you're a girl considering traveling alone, but are unsure of what to do next, think of this as a little companion to provide support. It should help you conquer any fears, doubts or anxieties you might have had when this "crazy" idea first crossed your mind."

The author, an architect turned travel writer, traveled solo across three continents and took plenty of notes along the way. Her advice is eminently sensible, from the obvious - don't walk alone in dark alleys - to the more offbeat like using iGoogle for everything from location to translation.

The Travel Money Question

Do you worry about how to pay for your trip? Most of us do.

How long will you be able to afford to travel? How much should you save? Can you work along the way? Or should you 'sort it' as you go along? Stephanie's answers to these money questions will help put your mind at ease and tell you what you need to know about how to plan a solo trip.

"Over the course of 180 days, I spent around (Australian) $13,000... With this amount I still managed to travel to 18 countries spread over three continents, with the majority of my inter-country travel being in Europe," Stephanie said.

Stephanie spent a bit over $2000 a month, or about $70 a day, and she tells you where every dollar went. Not rock bottom travel by any means - you can do it for less - but a reasonable budget nonetheless.

You know how hard it is to save money so Stephanie includes a great tip sheet in The Art of Solo Travel to help you cut back your spending now and save more for your trip.

Here are the countries Stephanie visited in her year abroad: Australia, UAE, Egypt, France, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Liechstenstein, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia.

Solo travel: you're in good hands

Even if you've never even set foot on a plane, you'll feel like you're in good hands with The Art of Solo Travel.

Stephanie knows what she's talking about and she knows how to communicate it, so you can follow in her footsteps - but without making any of her mistakes.

Bottom line? There's no reason to stay home if what you really want is to travel. Find out how even the starkest beginner can wade through the confusion of travel planning and organize a fantastic trip.

If you've been dithering about it all, a little unsure of when to go or even whether to go, this book will provide that little push you need.

You owe it to yourself to at least check it out and read the first part for free!

If you've ever wanted to explore the world on your own, don't even think of doing it without your personal copy of The Art of Solo Travel.

Get your own copy here.

This is exactly the book I would have wanted to read before setting off to backpack on my own, but it hadn't been written yet.