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Baby Boomer Travel for Women
or why it's not too late to travel the world on your own

Still DREAMING of traveling the world after all these years?
What's stopping you from DOING it?

If you think it's too late, if you're holding back because you have no one to travel with, if there are a million reasons why you're alone or too inexperienced or too scared…

Then you really NEED Women on the Road: the essential guide for baby boomer travel ! This book is made for you. Whatever is holding you back, Women on the Road eliminates the obstacles, relieves your fears and insecurities, and gets you out of the house and onto the road!

Get it now!

Did you put off that dream to raise children or take care of parents?

To build your career? Or your partner's?

And now that you have the time and the desire, you can't find anyone to go with you?

This may be your chance to grab that dream of exotic beaches… challenging mountains… kayaking and trekking… fine dining and culture in Europe's capitals… volunteering in Africa or Asia… learning a new language… getting back in touch with yourself...

Why? Because as women we often put our own needs and desires aside to make others happy or to do the 'right thing' and somewhere along the line we may have lost sight of the things we wanted to do for ourselves.

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Yours truly in Istanbul recently

Who is "us"? We are the millions of women who qualify as baby boomers because most of us were born between 1946 and 1964 (I say most because a few years on either side still puts you right in our mindset).

We're the crowd that remembers the sixties - and even the fifties. We are also mostly from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa although increasingly, women from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, India, and other places are starting to travel on their own.

By "on your own" I mean independently, doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. You don't have to be alone all the time - you just have to be in a position to make your own decisions and travel on your own terms.

So why am I telling you all this? Because in Women on the Road: the essential guide to baby boomer travel I share the experience and the knowledge I personally gleaned from traveling on my own for years.

I often took vacations on my own for weeks on end but at 43 I decided to travel around Africa on my own for six months. I'm not quite sure what happened, but when my time was up I just kept going to Asia and beyond - for another three years. Along the way I met women of all ages, from 15 to nearly 90. Many of you were traveling alone. You were single, married, gay, divorced, widowed, had children, grandchildren or no children, and were from every conceivable country.

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Making new friends in the rural mountains of Panama (I'm in the middle)

What you all had in common was a search for empowerment, a desire to do it your way, to prove - mostly to yourselves but perhaps a bit to others - that you could do unusual things and go places, even if no one was around to go with you. Not only could you travel independently, but you could be good at it too.

This can be the best time of our lives. We're healthier and live longer than our predecessors, we have more disposable income, and as women we have more freedom today than anyone before us. We're ready for the road!

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