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It's a thanks, not a question

by Amanda

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful site! I am getting ready to go to Latin American sola -- and I have been a bit skeptical about how I would deal with many of the scenarios you described. You have nailed them all!!!

I will be going to Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela and if I am able to stretch the money as much as I want to I will go back to Los Angeles via central America by bus!

Thanks again!

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Aug 13, 2011
South America solo
by: Leyla

Amanda, I'm delighted Women on the Road was of help! Here are a couple of posts from other readers about an itinerary across Latin America and backpacking in Honduras that might be of interest.

Please do come back and post about your adventures on our share your travel stories page - I would love to hear about what it was like for you to travel solo, and so would other readers!

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Women's travel blogs

by Sue
(Sydney, Australia)

Where do I find the best travel blogs for women or by women?

Ed. Note: It's impossible for me to list them all but here are plenty of suggestions from readers of Women on the Road. You'll also find more women's blogs here, including a number of my favorites.

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Dec 18, 2009
Women who Travel Blogs

Hi Sue

Wow! What a question. I'm a big Twitter fan and follow a large number of both women and men who travel and who write blogs. If you don't Tweet, you might find it a great place to discover the kinds of folks you really enjoy.

In addition to my own blogs that focus on travel in the Algarve region of Portugal ( and you might want to visit some of the following blogs which I very much enjoy:

Solo Traveler which has a focus on people who like to travel by themselves
Journeywoman which has all kinds of varied information about women traveling. You can even sign up for the Journeywoman newsletter which I look forward to dropping into my inbasket each month
Girls' Getaway is a Montreal Canada blogsite that specializes in trips for groups of women
Travelogged has recently been focusing on its author's visits to Grand Cayman

I could go on and on, but that will hopefully get you started. I don't know about you, but I love the blessed mystery of starting out at one site and then ending up some strange and wonderful place having followed a number of links!

Have fun,

Gwen McCauley

Dec 19, 2009
A few I follow
by: Megan Eaves

My blog and website about my travels and travel writings is here.

I also very much enjoy reading this blog, which is written by a woman who teaches English in China and, before that, was in Eastern Europe.

And one final spot that is a great travel read and has some amazing lady writers is The Circumference, whose the Editor-in-Chief is a very well-traveled Canadian gal.

I hope this helps! A nice topic to bring some conversation. I will look forward to the other replies.


Dec 19, 2009
Women bloggers who travel
by: Monica

I follow several women travel bloggers also and have my own blog called GlobeDivaTravels. There's a blog roll of other bloggers I exchange links with and a few of them are women, married and single, who blog about their travel.

Don't forget to check out Journeywoman which has tons of info for women that travel BY women that travel!

Happy and safe travels to you!

Dec 19, 2009
Thanks for all these great ideas!
by: Leyla (Editor, Women on the Road)

You have to hand it to Twitter - it does help get the word out there!

Sue, thanks for asking the question in the first place - I think you'll see there are enough blogs to keep you busy for the next while!

Gwen, your own blogs are wonderful and I do love Portugal - next time I'll know exactly where to look for the inside story. Super suggestions - and I'm always interested in anything Montreal, having lived there many years (or is it many winters...)

Megan, you have a beautiful blog and so original. Also The Circumference is a new one for me - thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.

Monica, I think your new site rocks! Well done... and if there's one site that crowns them all when it comes to women's travel, that's got to be Journeywoman!

Please spread the word - I'd love to hear about everyone's fave women travel blogs!

Dec 20, 2009
Serendipity Traveler Blog
by: Peggy Coonley

Great resources here. I write a weekly blog article
on the Serendipity Traveler website for women who love travel. Our travelers are single, married, divorced or widowed and prefer to travel with a small group of like minded travelers.

Jan 13, 2010
Lots of great women travel sites
by: Lisa at Wanderlust Women

I have made so many great friends among travel writers. Some of their sites, like mine, Wanderlust Women, are dedicated to travel for women, while others like Ciao Amalfi and Solo Road Trip are just great travel sites. Start surfing and enjoy the journey.

Jul 09, 2012
women's blogs
by: Nancy O

I've travelled on my own and on the cheap for years. Cheap is a neglible word, but knowing how to save money keeps you travelling, not touring. And spending less money means meeting the locals, not being locked away in a 3- or 5-star hotel all by your lonesome. Check out my traveling stories, you might find them funny. Get out there, it's so much fun!

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Thank You for the Women's Travel Inspiration!

by Agnes Wisden

It isn't so much a question but a deep thank you. I am 23, soon to be 24 and have followed your blog for at least 3 yrs. You gave me courage and now not only have I been to amazing places around the world (i am known as the globetrotter to my circle), I am pursuing ways of being finically independent and free. I still have to work, and am in school, but I know in the coming months(oryears) I'll be closer and closer to my dreams.

So thank you. For being here, and giving education, and helping women realize their true potential.

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