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An Amazing Pondicherry Trip in India!

by Rose Roseen

Its a nice thing to share with you about the wonderful experience of being in Pondicherry, about 100 + kms away from the capital city of Tamil Nadu, which is Chennai.

In Pondicherry, you would love the presence of a French colony and Indian colony life. It gives a wonderful feeling, a glorious feeling of different cultures, different food, dressing of people.

I started my trip to Pondy with one of my friends. It took 3 hours by bus and was very attractive scenic beauty on the way. You would love that 3 hours experiencing nature's beauty and relishing all the good moments and good thoughts in your life. We reached there, took accomodation and started for our day trip.

We hired a scooter and started our jouney. We just loved it! So would you, if you too come here! We visited some of the Italian restaurants for our breakfast and lunch, then started our trip to Aurobindo Ashrah, which is called as the Universal Town.

There you see a very big globe made of gold plates, which symbolises Mother Earth and its serene, beauty, peaceful, prosperous and glorifying experience. We spent nearly half day there, and visited the book stall and meditation center as well. Many nationals visit this place.

After that we left for Pndy town, there were many churches and temples. Every time we saw new things, new people, new shops, many new and inspiring thoughts that were coming in our minds.

The ambience in restaurants was amazing. As we wanted a taste and feel of continental food, we loved having French, Italian cuisines. A good time we spent in the beaches were wonderful.

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