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A Beautiful Neighborhood in New York

by Rose Walker
(Indianapolis, IN)

Being in New York in November it can be very very cold with lots of snow. This year in November while I was in New York the weather was beautiful; you actually could get away with wearing a jacket and your sunglasses.

With a change in the weather, it prompted me on my solo trip to New York to make a change of where I wanted to stay. I love being in the city, but it can be overwhelming, especially when you are traveling alone. Being in Manhattan is always fast pace and with such beautiful fall weather, I decided I wanted to stay somewhere, where I can take long strolls and enjoy a neighborhood by myself. So…I decided to stay in Queens in the neighborhood of Astoria.

Astoria is about fifteen minutes from Manhattan and the neighborhood is a real neighborhood. There are trees, brownstones, row houses and apartments all walking distance to the corner store or the neighborhood flower shop. On 28th street there is a slope street with trees, while 37th street has a line of brownstones and row houses. My favorite street to walk on was Steinway because it had every type of retail shop, furniture store, restaurants and a neighborhood Starbucks that was packed.

I started one of my days with walking down 37th street just admiring the houses and the beautiful trees. I walked over to 30th and had breakfast at a bagel shop and chatted with some of the neighborhood people. After breakfast, I went into some bakery’s just to smell and see the fresh baked bread, pies and cakes.

Full from eating breakfast I decided to walk down 30th to Steinway Street to do some shopping. I went to Victoria's Secret, The Gap, Bath and Body Works and several more stores before going to Starbucks for my favorite drink. Later after strolling down Steinway Street, I returned to 30th where I sat outside and had lunch while people watching.

While walking around the neighborhood I realize everyone was not rushing and you saw very few taxis, which is so different from being in Manhattan. I felt comfortable walking around alone and I even felt I blended in with everyone else. The weather played a big part because it was so nice for that time of year, especially in New York because it’s usually so cold where you do not want to even be outside.

I love being in the city in New York, but I enjoyed this trip so much more. Being in a neighborhood with all the beautiful trees and houses, and most importantly being where everyone else was strolling in the neighborhood while shopping for fresh bread and flowers. This made me see a whole different side of New York.

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Dec 22, 2012
Neighborhoods: what a great idea!
by: Leyla

Thanks Rose, for this lovely story. It made me think that I always stay in Manhattan when I go to New York because it's easier for me to get around and because that's where I do business. But sometimes I have a few spare days and it never actually occurred to me to try a different part of town... thank you for the little push!

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